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old school parabolan

hey evo brothers has anyone ever been able to get there hands on real parabolan how does it compare to ace an e i recently read a article where dorian said he ran it at 152 mgs a week it came in 76 mg amps from a french pharmacutecal company nowdays if you told someone you were gonna run tren e at even 200 mgs is low even ace at 150 mgs is on the lower end. so it must have been some strong stuff.
@Stevesmi told me that he once used real legit Bayer primobolan. He said the PIP was terrible and it was no better then UG lab primo, besides being 10x the cost.

When it comes to dosages that big name IFBB pros use...who knows if they actually used those dosages. They could be lying. Dallas McCarver always talked about how he put his health before everything else in his Youtube videos. His autopsy obviously showed otherwise lol
MT 1 & MT 2
can promote skin pigmentation with low dose.
but pls note that side effect is nausea, excessive sleepiness and penile erection.

parabolan was the pharm grade tren

you would have to hunt down an older dude at your gym or JP could have used it.

it no longer exists.. some UGL's put out tren hex but i am doubtful it is really hex.. probably just E
yeah the 2 amps a week seems to be pretty standard dave palumbo, dorian, and some other 90s bbers talk about the stuff like its magic sauce i havent known anyone firsthand to have used the stuff my history may be off but im pretty sure tren was made for livestock and came in an oral, but parabolan came out and got discontinued, after that people selling kits to make the orals into an acetate version
no tren was designed for muscle wasting, it was human grade for years.. banned.. then brung back as a cattle feed lot drug

go on any cookie cutter forum and ask that question though and 15 guys will chime in (all moderators included) and say it was always a vet drug or some buffoonery. bunch of cookie cutters who parrot the same info
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The whole 'how much do pros use thing' has been done to death

key word here is most, but my reasoning is most use a mixture of gh slin and igf with around 3gs of mixed anabolics. If i was a crazy bastard and wanted to look freaky i could easily take 4 iu of gh 4x per day when i wake up pre and post training and 1 hr b4 bed with 1-4 iu of fast acting slin post workout and 1 iu maybe 2 with 3 larger meals post training with 100 gs of simple carbs pw. also igf des at 50 mcg pre workout and 50 mcg 30-45 mins in. you techincly could get massive on just this with little too no anabolics but igf and slin are not things to mess around with and 16-24 ius of gh for extended periods will cause you to become diabetic without androgenous slin. i would never do this as i never plan to leave classic physique because even now at 260 off season i feel too big and the health risks are not worth it imo mild anabolic use isint really that harmful as long as you dont become a dumbass like the 50 yr old at my gym running 1gs of test e and 1g of sust with no ai that looks like a textbook for estro sides.
You cant find human grade tren anymore. Doesn't exist. I like tren E now. Works great and at a reasonable dose (200-300mg per week) the side effects are very manageable. Guys like to exaggerate things on forums. Sure, you get more aggressive and horny but lets be realistic about the effects.
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