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Opinions on starting my first cycle

my opinion is get a log going where you come back and you build consistent diet and training first
from there you can start a brand new log and get your steroid cycle going
hop on the sauce
you only live once might as well do it. Get a log going I agree with the guys. Want to see your training and your diet and also how much steroids you're running for your progress
I would do two logs here
the first log is going to be your diet and your training for the next 3 months
then after that I would do a 12 week cycle with some testosterone and deca
log this
proviron and testosterone is a great comeback cycle
you can also run some equipoise as well
yes roidrage made a dramatic comeback log
look at what he did in his log and then you can try to beat him
I want to see who can end up with a better physique 6 months from now

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if you do not log your progress and how are we supposed to help you on a day-to-day basis? You already have your opening pictures up and we can tell that you've have some history behind you
a lot of guys will tell you to run 500 mg of testosterone but I think you should run half of that
and either run either Primo or equipoise on top of it
make sure you are logging whatever you decide to do. The main thing to take into account is that people who log have better gains than people who don't
Lol guys will add a log right now, actually I decided to hop on the gear wisely without a sudden increase in the weights that I can currently lift.
Will make log of everything right now
Thanks for your feedback man, so you suggest I keep bulking for now ? Gonna lower my calorie intake as I am starting to add some fat, actually I made a mistake and rushed my bulk.
Here's how I looked 2 months ago, I was skinny but lean and rushed with a high calorie intake but most probably the fat was going to get stored back as I had them before and lost all the fat and muscles in the last 7 years.

View attachment 16250
you need to cut some more body fat before you consider using steroids plus you need to focus more so on getting your diet and training consistent and disciplined.. bulking is not the answer right now.. certainly, once you get into the proper condition, which you are not terribly far from, then you could look at that but even considering steroid use right now would be very unwise.... you do whatever you want and you will get people that encourage it even when its completely and utterly wrong right now, but thats for you to decide.. i wish you nothing but the best... good luck with everything
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