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ORAL BLEND Anavar-30mg/Stanozolol & And Cutting mix PLUS 300mg SUMMER CUT STACK WOW!!

As stupid as it sounds, the Morning dose would be very irregular for me. I am more worried about that one than taking a solid dose in the Evening. Because I work shifts, my general mornings can vary so it may be hours difference each day, I am also on call and my time is adjusted accordingly. So I don't want to find 1 day its at 7am and the next day is gone Noon. That's why I thought it better to have 1 solid time in the PM that I knew I could stick to ?
Intra workout sup
32oz or water
1 scope BCAA and electrolyte powder
2g sea salt (few cranks on grinder) pulls fluid and nutrients into the muscle bellies increasing Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy
30g Gatorade powder (fast acting carbs)

Thank you- I am doing 500 a week, so oil is 1ML on Mondays and Thursdays.

Preworkout is NOExpode VASO. Intra is BCAA Zero right now.

Thanks for the intra workout tip. I have started adding the salt and have the Gatorade powder on order.

The last time I did salt, I added it to preworkout - is intra better ?
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