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Ozpharm is back

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Has anyone received orders lately? I put my order in prior to the deadline before the break and was told things have resumed as of this week but I've not received any update yet.

Usually everything is all good and communication has now become a little less so I was just wondering if things really are that backlogged!
Ordered last week and got my order today
Hello all forum members,

We are proud to announce ozpharm is back on the forums and operations are as normal.
I will be the sales rep for the forum,
All orders please threema
My Threema ID:

Any questions queries and concerns please feel free to hit me up.

We will endeavor to be as active as possible to bring you guys the best service.

Regards OZ
Hi m8,
I have used the new theerma ID and it doesn’t work or I am just not getting a response. Can you help me
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