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OzPharmLabs Review - Test E / Anavar Newbie First Cycle


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Initially dipped my toes with an Anavar-only cycle 4-5 months ago before deciding to push ahead with a proper 12-16 week Test Cycle.

So far I've purchased Nexnos HCG, Nolvadex & Arimidex (Unused), Nexnos Anavar, Natco Aromasin and Zloxs Test E 300 from OzPharmLabs. As this is my first venture into PEDs I've been incredibly wary of buying anything that's bunk, and have had bloods done at regular intervals to confirm everything is responding as you'd expect. I've only realised recently that he has his own oils, which I'll be swapping to once I get through the Zloxs vials.

Anyway, I just wanted to leave a positive review/recommendation for OzPharmLabs - this guy has gone so far above and beyond throughout the entire ordering and delivery process, customer service has been exceptional the whole way through. Postage both times was incredibly quick, 2-3 day delivery, great comms throughout the ordering process.. I had my E2 spike at the 2 week mark and he's helped me dial in my E2, swap AIs, and by week 4 everything is looking good and I feel great. I almost feel guilty for not giving the guy more money, the customer service is that good.

Definitely the first "dealer" I've had show any regard for my health or wellbeing haha. 10/10, I will definitely be a return customer.
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