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OzPharmLabs Threema Crashed


Hi All.

Just letting you know that for some reason after we sent out a big updated list to everyone last night our Threema has crashed.

We are trying to fix this ASAP.

Worst come to worst we have all your contact address still accessible so I will start a new account and msg everyone through our new ID. So please direct all msgs through Wickr for now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi all so we are now sending out the following msg to everyone in our contacts with our new ID.

We have also updated our new ID on our Signiture so everyone can see. Please sit patient as we have a lot of msgs to send out.

This is the msg you will receive from our new Threema.

🇦🇺 OzPharmLabs New Threema 🇦🇺

Hi There!

You are receiving this msg from OzPharmLabs new official Threema account.

We had an issue last night with Threema trying to send out a massive stock list update and triggered a security alert closing our old account. It is not a scam. Just a security measure Threema takes.

Annoying yes but luckily makes it even safer.

All orders are still being taken and fulfilled we have still got access to the old account. Contact details so individually going through and msging everyone our new ID.

This is going to take some time as we have got 1000’s of contacts to go through. So please be patient and we will get back to you ASAP.

Our old account ID was MJ69TW39 for anyone with concerns. We will also update it on for everyone’s safety.

Also would be greatly appreciated if you could pass our new ID onto anyone you know that is and existing customer or future customer.

My Threema ID:

Sorry for the inconvenience and we look forward to doing business in the near future.

Many thanks. OzPharm 🇦🇺
no stress man, I'll go ahead and continue with my order on there, just wanted to make sure it was you, best of luck catching up with it all haha
We are still having technical difficulties with Threema. On account 3 because we crashed it msging everyone off the second.

Please pass on this account details.

My Threema ID:

We still are receiving incoming msgs but wont send off the 2nd one.

So we will add you from the 3rd. I know it’s confusing but we do still have Wickr as well.

Wickr - OzPharmLabsRep

Thanks for the patience and our apologies.
Received message on threema regards to ozpharma I'd change, 2 days later I received another message on threema with the old id. Now I see they have a 3rd threema I'd, it gets abit confusing knowing which one I can book through? I hope there account hasn't been hacked. The first message I got was from ozpharmalabs the 2nd one was from Oz pharma with a line through it?
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