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PED Test on OzPharmLabs Tren-E and Valhalla Anabolics Test-E


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Bought some discounted vials of Test-E from Valhalla Anabolics (vendor OzGear) and Tren-E from OzPharmLabs (vendor expressau) on Abacus Market (DarkNet).

I was disappointed to see the OzPharmLabs Trenbolonate Enanthate show up as Trenbolone Acetate - at least the potency seems to be ok, perhaps slightly under. Just means that my pins will be all over the place.

Valhalla Anabolics seem good to go and well dosed. Note that vial D is either Brown or No Reaction (despite what it says on the colour chart in the photo. I contacted PEDAustralia and they informed they were confident it was test e, although it may have some sort of chemical contamination that delays the reaction of the vial D).

I started pinning last week and will get blood tests done next week and post results.

Testosterone Enanthate Presence Test, Potency Test and Colour Chart:

Trenbolone Enanthate Presence Test and Potency Test (Vial E indicates Acetate esther :( )

Never heard of ozpharmlabs having a vendor on abucus,sure it's legit theirs.
Not sure if he's a rep or if he's just drop shipping, the vendor name is expressau and has the same list on his profile as the usual Threema rep vendors. OzPharmLabs, Nexnos, Zloxs etc... I ordered from there as I had some crypto left over. Will stick with buying from the sales rep next time and maybe have better luck
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