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peptides for healing joints stacked with mk677

Van Darn

New member
From the research I have done it seems like peptides are the best choice for healing joint ailments. The new SARM on the market we know as MK677 is also a very good at healing joints, I started this search after my gym partner told me about him using MK677 to come back from a shoulder re-injury. He was using mk677 with n2jointrx and he said it took him less time to come back from this injury than he could have expected, even his doctors at the therapy clinic were surprised.What about stacking something like TB500 which has made a reputation on the steroid forums as a healing peptide, or maybe considering BPC157 too.
I appreciate any suggestions on the best peptides for healing joints that I can stack with mk677.
I personally would stack the MK677 with ostarine, fish oil and n2joint rx from Peptides are really hit or miss now. The vast majority of the peptides on the market are fake. Even supposed US made peptides are just labeled and vialled in the US. The raw hormone is still coming from China.

In my opinion, the best joint supplement stack you can put together is:
5 tablets n2joint rx from + 25mg ostarine from + 3-6g of a high quality fish oil per day

This will actually help heal and repair your joints and ligaments, along with reducing pain and inflammation.
Yes I too am looking for a good peptide place but so many fake companies any suggestions other than sponsors on boards ?

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