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Perfect PCT Log!


Growing Brother
Today I'm starting the Perfect PCT. The only thing I'm not going with is the Cardarine. Test Cyp 250. I ran Test only cycle @ 350 a week for 16 weeks. I will try to log everyday if possible. Any input or help along the way is welcome!
Actually feeling good going into it. Energy level is down from what it was obviously but still hit bi's, tri's and upper back!

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Awesome. This is of great value to the board. People always log their cycles but no one logs their PCTs.

Your transition to being off with a well laid out PCT (like the perfect PCT protocol) should be a very smooth one. You most likely will hardly notice the transition.

Are you going to take before and after pictures? Weight and waist measurements?
It is great to have someone logging his PCT - many tend to forget about the importance of a proper PCT, and mainly focus on the AAS only, so there are really few PCT logs. Keep it going on, and keep us posted. Thanks for sharing and making the effort.
Weight pre cycle 164.2lbs
Weight at start of PCT 176.6lbs
Around 10%bf.

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Feeling good today. Have plenty of energy. Slight headache but nothing serious. Chest day! All in all seems like a smooth transition!

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Day 4 and feeling good. Libido still up strength is still up and feeling good overall.

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