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Pharmaceutical vs Generic HGH

i'm hopeful that hgh quality keeps improving
it was pretty bad 15 or 20 years ago and possible to get
but our sources on here are excellent
I’m using 800 testosterone from a compounding pharmacy revive from my trt clinic, I get prescribed 300 a week so I basically just take 100 on a cruise and save up enough to do a 800 blast for about 5 months or so. Im also running 400 deca also from a compounding pharmacy, I’m going to bump the test dose to a thousand in a few more weeks. I have a bottle of beligas cypionate 250. I’m 5 9, 200 pounds. Not sure what my body fat is but I have a full six pack at 200 pounds which I was never able to achieve until I started using gh. There’s still a lot room for improvement, still got a lot to learn, hoping to find a coach someday.

As far as the hgh, I’ve basically been using it for an about a year straight. Thinking about taking a break but it’s tough because I think it’s a great drug. Started off with beltropin generics 4 ius everyday about about 6 months straight then switched to genotropin 2 ius everyday for about 4 months, now for the last two months I’ve switched to ansomone since its a little cheaper then genotropin, 4ius everyday with the exception of 6ius on leg day. The genotropin was definitely the strongest of the three. That gave me the craziest pumps in the gym and I noticed I had very vivid dreams on the genotropin. I’m lucky to make good income but still, when I look at the money I’ve dropped on gh, i cringe so its definitely time I stop but it’s such a cool drug, it’s very addicting. But I don’t compete so sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting money.

I would say that you should get as lean as possible before you take gh. Then you’ll start to see the difference in the cosmetic appearance of your muscles. Fuller, more 3D, pops against the skin. More vascularity. I feel you can get the same effect from generic although it’s much more amplified with the pharma grade.

I also think that people that take it for anti aging purposes might be disappointed. I heard a lot of people say it’s helps with joints and injuries but I noticed that it made my joints hurt which I think could be excess fluid retention in the joints? Although, I noticed this started to go away the longer I used it.
@Jonroberts88 with this kind of cycle 800mgs of testosterone and hgh, you're doing a big stack.

The anti aging benefits arent for everyone, you know many guys need to take hgh for years to really get some results. Literally years, I know its surprising but it's a fact for many guys.

You know with the cycle you have you should have a LOG journal with us in a NEW thread, it would be great to see a big cycle like this logged. And we can help you as a big EVO family to get maximum results. Work with us and we can guide you bro.

If you want us to really guide you, and we have 100s of years of experience between us, you need to post a LOG Journal with your stats (weight,height,age, years training, cycle history) diet, training, cardio, supplement, sleep details. If you don't log what you eat or train now, open NOTES on phone and start recording it there and paste here. Very easy.

Please post a Log Journal asap for us

Please click the anabolic forum
top RIGHT, you see: +POST THREAD
click that

in Title: write your cycle name, like> My _____ Cycle Log
___ = the name of your log
example: My testosterone hgh cycle Log
in body: write your planned cycle or cycle you doing now, your diet, training and we will help you along on your cycle

here are examples of LOG Journals

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What do you guys think of this age old debate? Is genetic hgh even hgh, is it peptides? Ghrp-6? Is it worth spending the money on pharmaceutical? Or it is all 191AA?

I’ve personally used both. The differences I’ve noticed is the pharmaceutical seems stronger on a iu per iu basis. For example, 8 ius of generic pre workout seems equal to about 4 ius of genotropin as far as the intensity of the pumps.

I also noticed I’m leaner on genotropin however that might just be a function of the diuretic in the mixing water or just simply less water retention on the genos va pharma. But as far as the muscle building properties of both, I don’t notice much difference. Overall hgh is a very cool drug. for Beligas or pharmaqo
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