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PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

i placed my order with them and it took 1 month to get it and it was incomplete customer service its the worts of the worst please STAY AWAY FROM THEMCommunication & Ordering process: BadDelivery & Packaging: nice packing deliver more than a monthProducts Ordered: Equipoise and DianabolProduct results and effectivenes: Dianabol and equipoise its s....t under dosed
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1 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

order came late and it had wrong products.. customer service sucked also
Communication & Ordering process: terrible
Delivery & Packaging: very slow
Products Ordered: tese e dbol
Product results and effectivenes: terrible. got wrong prducts
1 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

no results
Communication & Ordering process: took a week more than expected
Delivery & Packaging: was good
Products Ordered: tren, EQ, primo
Product results and effectivenes: honestly didn't see any affects.. not sure of the quality
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Found out about pharamcom, then emailed several sources online and the pharmacom store rep was the only one responding within the hour, rest responded once a day only, I was offered assistance and discount. I then checked the source with pharmacom lab itself and they told me that it is a legitimate source. The gear is good to go and the rep helpful, delivery is very fast. Would be ordering for my next cycle soon.
Communication & Ordering process: Very good, all emails from the website contact us form were responded too within the hour or the next day first thing when the email was sent very late. The order was done through email completely with very much help and assistance of the rep on what to choose and what helps the most with the intended cycle. All advice and suggestions checked out when cross reference on boards etc.
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery done 4 days after payment in holiday period. Packaging was very good, all products protected with bubble wrap and external packaging were discrete.
Products Ordered: Anavar, Tbol and Test P
Product results and effectivenes: Switched from Chinese brand Hubei Tbol and Var 50 mg each mid cycle to new products, effects were noticeable very much 10th day of use very happy with the strength and results, as good as other verified brands used in other cycles.
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

I was introduced to this source by my house mate who is a member of this forum and a previous customer, at first was not sure about online ordering, but the rep was very assuring and helpful and gave a good discount on my order so was very heart warming, orders arrived in 5 days, payment through WU, I used the AI for my Sust cycle and the Var for my last 3 weeks of a 12 week cycle. The var is dozed properly and strength is felt, the AI is better than what I had from a local souce as I could seee the some sides reducing. Over happy and would order agian for next cycle.
Communication & Ordering process: Fast same day
Delivery & Packaging: Very disscrete and safe
Products Ordered: Pharmacom store var 10 mg tabs 100, Anastrozole 100tabs / 1mg
Product results and effectivenes: AI worked well when I subbed the one I had from local source, the Var was added for the last 3 weeks and the increase in strengh very visible.
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

From the start of communication to six weeks in the process was easy and I'm really liking the gains!
Communication & Ordering process: Darius has the communication part of Customer Service dialed in. I was getting replies to my emails within hours most of the time. I was/am new to the process so he was patient with me and answered any questions I had. The ordering process wasn't difficult and everything went pretty smooth.
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery took about 12-13 days. I figured as much being where the product was coming from and didn't mind being I wasn't in a bind for it. Okay let's talk about the packaging. Darius gave me forwarding that he liked to disguise be packing/product so that he could keep his shipping record at 100%. Given a couple circumstances I have here at the house I said that that was perfect for my side anyways. He did say he would send with original labeling if wanted or send them seperatly if I so desired. I told him not to worry about it this time but for future orders I think I might go with the latter. Everything was in tact when it arrived.
Products Ordered: Test Cyp 250
Product results and effectivenes: Let me presedent this with the info that this is only my second run ever and I havent gotten blood drawn. I am six weeks in so far and have only experienced PIP once but it was because of a lack of steady hand on my part, his stuff shoots nicely. By week 3 I was noticing much oilier skin and for the first time in my life started getting a little bacne. Week 4 is when the strength gains were now noticable and I'm feeling like the hulk now. I'm not taking HCG so I have noticed a little shrinkage of the boys but nothing to drastic. Overall I like was I'm seeing in the mirror and feeling at the gym.
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

My very first order with Darius was for 20ml of injectable dbol and 20ml of injectable drol. Packing was fantastic, all original packaging and made it fine where I am (dom). Darius was real easy to communicate with. There really wasnt too much to say about my order. I placed it and I got everything just fine, within a reasonable amount of time.Second order was for 6 vials of Test Cyp, 6 vials of EQ and 3 more of inj anadrol. All the same. Made it just fine, all vials in one piece. Very good, clean packaging.I plan on posting bloodwork soon and very much plan on placing orders in the future.
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was extremely easy
Delivery & Packaging: Ive placed multiple orders. Most recent was the one I shared under the reviews section. Have recieved both stealth and original packaging, both have which arrived dom just fine.
Products Ordered: EQ, Test Cyp, Inj Dbol, Inj Anadrol
Product results and effectivenes: I am finishing week 4 of Test Cyp and EQ at 750mg/900mg. Vascularity is starting to come along real nice. Will be posting bloods within a month. My favorite product is probably the injectable dbol. Given 1-2 hours before training, the pumps are insane.
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

First order from Darius.
Communication & Ordering process: Communication with Darius is nothing short of excellent he responds to all my emails within 12 hours the ordering process is great.
Delivery & Packaging: Still didn't receive it but I'm sure all will be great. I ordered last week so it takes time. Not worried at all I know Darius will come through
Products Ordered: masteron anavar dbol
Product results and effectivenes: Still awaiting products will post up a review as soon as I try them but I'm sure they're top notch.
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Been reading and researching for years, new to creating a UN and posting in forums, this being my first, but don't let that come off as inexperienced.Long Story Short....D is the man, ordered, sent funds, communication 10 out of 10, all my emails personally answered within 2-14 hours. Received product in 7 days, discreet, legit, official pharma grade. Effects were within 2-3 days with D/b, T/e will take longer but bloods will be true factor. VERY VERY PLEASED
Communication & Ordering process: 9 out of 10 - only because i'm inpatient and the wire transfer adds a few days to process
Delivery & Packaging: discreet, safe, original pacakging with quality check and holograms
Products Ordered: Dbol 100 10mg tabs - Test E 300mg/ml (2 vials) & Tbol 100 10mg tabs
Product results and effectivenes: Dbol kicked in quick as expected to soon to tell for test e
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

My go to source
Communication & Ordering process: Excellent. Darious always answers me back with in 12 hours sometimes promptly. Never had any complaints
Delivery & Packaging: Absolutely safe and discreet. His packages are well wrapped and never had any damage
Products Ordered: ordered number of times.. Test E, prop, sustanon, tren ace, tren E, dbol, anavar, winstrol, clomid
Product results and effectivenes: everything has worked fantastic. Recently i am running a cycle of sust tren and winstrol with prop kicker. posting log daily. so far i am noticing the prop and tren. insomnia, aggression and messed up dreams
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

I Have ordered 4 times from pharmacom and never even had any complaints even once
Communication & Ordering process: Every time on point and prompt
Delivery & Packaging: Discreet packaging. The T/A usually is 5-8 days
Products Ordered: Orals except halotestin, Injectbles like Test, Tren, Deca, EQ,
Product results and effectivenes: Everything worked perfect. Strength and size, helped lose fat
1 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Been 23 days SIR where is the product? Are you a theif? Why did mods delete thread, are they in on scam?
1 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Done two separate food tests both confirmed negative results purchased from basicstero
Communication & Ordering process: Ordered online through basicstero
Delivery & Packaging: Took two weeks to arrive provided tracking number and also re packaged them because Australian customs are very hard to pass
Products Ordered: Test prop , masteron prop
Product results and effectivenes: I was previously on Lamborghini lab ten ml bottles and blew up and had very good results switched from Lamborghini labs to pharamacom and had nothing but down hill for the next six weeks after that dropped 4 kilos and lost strength so I ordered another few test kits and all came negative I have pictures of the tests and also emailed roid test and they also confirmed that it's a ngetice result
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

I would highly recommend this supplier to anyone looking for a legit lab.
Communication & Ordering process: Always get quick replies within 24h
Delivery & Packaging: Quick delivery and discreet packaging
Products Ordered: Test Enanthate, Trenbolone Acetate
Product results and effectivenes: Products work well and are effective
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

I have made three orders with Pharmacomstore now and I have received everything I ordered. I will continue to use this site. I did get a little nervous because it took such a long time for shipping. It has taken about a month for each of the orders, but they always responded to my emails and I eventually received my products. Now I just make orders ahead of time, knowing that I can't be in a hurry. Aside from taking a long time I am pleased and I got good results (clen / t3 stack).As far as the actual cycle goes I took the T3 every day and cycled the Clen off and on. I experimented with different Clen cycle time lengths and settled on a 7 on/10 off cycle. for the first 30 days I was taking 100mcg T3, then I bumped it up to 150mcg. I was doing cardio (boxing, and running) about five days a week. I wasn't lifting during this time because I thought it would be pointless. Also--and this is a major influence on my overall success--I tried to cut carbs out of my diet completely. Except one day a week (faterday).I'm about 5' 10'' and I lost about twenty pounds before I started the cycle, just from changing my diet. I went from 217 to 198. Then I lost another 30 pounds after starting the cycle, 198 to 169. I think about ten pounds of the total was from muscle but its coming back very quickly. PS: The clen from pharmacom seemed "cleaner" than other brands I have tried before. I didn't get the hemoroid side effects that I have had with other brands.Communication & Ordering process: They responded to my emails in a professional and timely maner.Delivery & Packaging: Slow, but did arrive every time.Products Ordered: Clen, T3Product results and effectivenes: Very Effective
3 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

i have ordered on july 10thh of this month and received only partial order on the 24th, funny thing is its only the pct that i got and the needles. When i opened the package there was no Test e or the Dianabol the whole point of making the order. so wondering if my other half is still waiting to be shipped or what. and no i have not received a second tracking number for the other stuff. is what i got
Communication & Ordering process: N/A
Delivery & Packaging: okay
5 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

I was very happy with the gear and the service. One of my packages was seized and communication was great in resolving the issue. Delivery was on time with my other orders
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was excellent, one of my orders was seized and they reshipped it from a different location got here no problem. Overall it takes no more them a month to receive products
Delivery & Packaging: Timely delivery about 3-4 weeks
Products Ordered: Test E 300, Deca 300, Test C 250, Anavar 10mgs multiple bottles
Product results and effectivenes: Good results cruising on test now feeling great
3 out of 5 rating for PHARMACOMSTORE.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

First, the product I decided to order was Roaccutane. I ordered enough for 60mgs a day , when I'm actually supposed to be at 80. Now the product so far has been top notch and works excellent. The problem is it took close to four weeks for me to receive the order. There is no help as far as finding your package other than a tracking# which doesn't change for a long period of time, only time it changed was when somehow it was held up in customs 5 days and when it was released, took forever to get to my destination. So if you decide to order from this company, make sure there's nothing you forgot to order because a month turnaround is not acceptable, however the product they did send me as great so I'm not taking them out as my back company.
Communication & Ordering process: Sub-par Ordering System
Delivery & Packaging: EXCELLENT
Products Ordered: ROACCUTTANE
Product results and effectivenes: EXCELLENT
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