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planning my bulk cycle


New member
I am not running this for a couple months so I am doing my research ahead of time. stats are 27, 5'8 171 pounds. 11% body fat.

My max lifts are 300+ bench and 450 squat. I like being strong and lean. but i want to add on some mass this time. I never weighed more than 175 pounds.

was looking at Test Cyp, Masteron and Anavar as a stack. what you think?
Why use Anavar? Why not use Tbol of Anadrol..
IMO you will not gain very much size with the anavar you will gain quality muscle but if your looking to gain size I’d use something else.

I agree with stevesmi use eq instead of mast...

The wto compounds Mast and Anavar will not give you the results your looking for....
If you just run the test at 500mg a week and eat double what you eat now you'll put on big numbers. After that if you cycle again you can look at adding deca or an oral like dbol. But like Mobster said you can't grow without eating.
There are better choices if you want mass. Maateron is only a cosmetic drug and anavar is very weak for muscle gains. Add eq instead of masteron and use dbol or tbol instead of amavar
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