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Power PCT protocol


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Been on steroids for 3 years straight, my lowest dosage during that time was 500mg a week, i typically stayed between 1-2grams per week. I am 24 years old. I regret what I did only because i am concerned about my recovery but my results were amazing, i'm the biggest dude in my gym. i wanted help with my PCT and going to try HCG with 200mg clomid and 60mg nolvadex per day to see if i can recover. any experience with this pct?
the dirty truth is you cannot throw a bunch of drugs and hormones at your system to force it to recover. ONLY your own body can recover the purpose of a strong pct is to give you a soft landing, that is it. if i was wrong then nobody would need trt for life, they could just run a 'power pct' and magically recover. in actuality this pct you are considering will actually set you back cause hcg is suppressive.

your best option is coming off and then running a very long but smart pct. then hoping your own body picks up after that. bloodwork will be the answer if it works
Don't listen to all the guys on here, half probably have never done more than your standard cycle.

I have done something like this before and you will recover.
I was taking much larger amounts and yes the results were amazing.

You are lucky you have access to pct, I didn't due to being incarcerated.
I lost lots of weight due mainly due to lack of proper food and stress.
Took me about 9 months for me to recover and start putting weight back on etc and this was without any pct, proper food, training and freedom.

You need to experiment and figure out what works for your body and what doesn't.
You won't get that info here and nobody will help you out.

Question, if you are happy with the results etc, why are you jumping off now?

Nowdays, I will never jump off
Youre young enough that you may have a chance at recovering. Spunds like you realized you fucked up so im not going to go there. You need to give yoursekf a lot of time. And those dosages for clomid and nolva are way too high. That will only give you bad side effects
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