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Approved Log Powerlifting 2023-2024 cycle Log - Female

If you don’t take omega3 at least make an effort to eat wild caught salmon.

Do not under any circumstance eat farm raised salmon. It’s poison from what they feed it to the red dye they put in the flesh.
this and also don't trust when the super market says 'wild salmon' either, that is bs unless maybe you live in the pacific northwest.

i catch my own mackerel wild, so i know its good. catch, kill right away and ice it, then clean it within 2 hours and vacuum seal it. i NEVER buy fish from anywhere because i know how the game works with commercial fisherman
Multi vitamin is just 1 a day brand. I’m not taking vitamin C, Omega 3 or zinc (not sure how much zinc you need but a few of my other supplements have zinc in them about 26mg total)

I guess I should say I used Syn Pharma. I split my 30mg Anavar into 15mg Am 15mg Pm. I didn’t notice any huge side affects just alittle bit of acne on my back. My overall performance in the gym didn’t really change that much compared to 15mg of Anavar. So it probably wasn’t worth the increase.
@Kindafitkindafat you should be taking omega 3 fats every day via fish oil 1-2 tbps or get capsules or buy wild caught salmon that will work too as food, but omega 3 is a must

vitamin C start with adding 1000mgs/day
zinc if you have 26mgs thats enough

syn pharma is approved @SYNPharmaDist seems legit so his gear should be on point, you can repeat the 15mgs am and 15mgs preworkout or pm with 7caps n2guard/ed for organ liver support, thats important to keep organ safe

acne on the back happens means your gear on point
you are doing good on this thank you for being so patient with a bunch of angry men on here haha
you won't go wrong with increasing your good fats
omega3 oils are what bodybuilders use
we use it because our joints take a beating because we're in the gym all the time lifting
So it's important to supplement what you're missing
vitamin C and zinc
both products that are found in n2guard
You should be using that supplement because it's an all-in-one product
heard good things on syn pharma
you should be confident in their products so I wouldn't worry about it too much
but you do need n2guard because it has seven liver helping supplements
n2guard is g2g
good fats from fish oil or krill oil is also g2g
keep up the good work on this log we love that you're having success
you might want to consider doing some tanning or taken saltwater baths to help with the acne on your back. That can definitely become a worse problem as your cycle goes on
SYn Pharma has A very good reputation with a lot of our Canada Bros on here
so I'm sure they're anavar is definitely good stuff
sister keep up the good work we are all behind you. I recommend that you get more vitamins and minerals in your diet. Also make sure you're eating good healthy foods as well

Today was all about self care. Had shock wave therapy on my shoulder, chiro and some blood work done before I start a new cycle next weekend.
* added omega 3 3000mg

Changed up my diet a bit this week added fat and some carbs.
Meal 1:
4 slices turkey bacon
4oz hash browns
2 eggs
1/2cup egg whites
1tbsp sugar free ketchup
Meal 2:
2oz almonds
4oz fruit
4 oz ground turkey
1/2 avocado
Meal 3:
4oz ground turkey
8oz rice
Meal 4:
4oz chicken
6oz yams
1/2 avocado
Meal 5:
30g protein
300ml unsweetened almond milk
4oz fruit
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