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Approved Log Powerlifting 2023-2024 cycle Log - Female

I think I’m going to add almonds to the diet this week!
@Kindafitkindafat almonds are mainly omega 6 not omega 3, the 6:3 ratios is way negative with almonds, if you insist on nuts instead of fish oil, try walnuts the ratio of 3:6 is much better


Today was all about self care. Had shock wave therapy on my shoulder, chiro and some blood work done before I start a new cycle next weekend.
* added omega 3 3000mg

Changed up my diet a bit this week added fat and some carbs.
Meal 1:
4 slices turkey bacon
4oz hash browns
2 eggs
1/2cup egg whites
1tbsp sugar free ketchup
Meal 2:
2oz almonds
4oz fruit
4 oz ground turkey
1/2 avocado
Meal 3:
4oz ground turkey
8oz rice
Meal 4:
4oz chicken
6oz yams
1/2 avocado
Meal 5:
30g protein
300ml unsweetened almond milk
4oz fruit
@Kindafitkindafat happy to see you add omega 3, now bump that to 6000mgs

can you replace hash browns with oatmeal?
I could probably except for the fact that I hate oatmeal….. so it would probably go uneaten.
@Kindafitkindafat I understand so we can skip the oatmeal lol :)

lets try to replace potato hash brows with sweet potato hash browns (you can pre-make and freeze those long term meal prep), are you alright with this? good step forward
I like sweet potato fries they taste good in the oven
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