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POWERSTEROID.COM Steroid Source Reviews

5 out of 5 rating for POWERSTEROID.COM Steroid Source Reviews

Great company, great prices with very fast and secure shipping. I have tested their Tren E, Test E, Deca and anavar all rightly dosed and got the results expected.
Communication & Ordering process: Great
Delivery & Packaging: Great and secure
Products Ordered: Test E, Tren E, Anavar, Deca
Product results and effectivenes: Great just as suspected
5 out of 5 rating for POWERSTEROID.COM Steroid Source Reviews

I found the supplier to be high quality and a good guy
Communication & Ordering process: fast about 1 day between emails
Delivery & Packaging: about 24 days to get my pack
Products Ordered: test and tren
Product results and effectivenes: good gains, i feel strong as shit
4 out of 5 rating for POWERSTEROID.COM Steroid Source Reviews

The website was easy to navigate. The prices are unreal. This place is rock bottom pricing. It makes you question the quality of the gear. Communication was stellar. The pack was very stealth and well packaged. Shipping took a bit longer then domestic but was reasonable. The products did what i expected and i was satisfied. ordered test e and winny.
5 out of 5 rating for POWERSTEROID.COM Steroid Source Reviews

I was quite skeptical about ordering from such a cheap place. Prices are lowest I've ever seen. I decided to place a small order consisting of test cyp and winny. Took about 10 days from the buying date to receive package. Was very well packaged. Will be buying from them again and will recommend to all bros here. They even have blood work to "prove" themselves but who knows what gear was used for those.
Communication & Ordering process: Very Good, took about 1 day for bro to respond.
Delivery & Packaging: Protective and fast.
Products Ordered: Test cyp, winstrol
Product results and effectivenes: Trying it out now, will post another review in a few weeks.
5 out of 5 rating for POWERSTEROID.COM Steroid Source Reviews

I was searching for the optimum primobolan online (you know, decent quality primo for less than an arm and a leg) when I found . They have all basic gear on sale plus they also sell raw powders. When you see their prices for the first time they may seem too good to be true for quality gear but slowly you will realize that it is a pleasant mixture of reality and great marketing. I made a little inconvenience to myself by making a purchase of a 10 pack of primo on the website but only making the payment weeks later. When you buy stuff online and pay via Western Union the website will give you the payee's name at checkout. When you don't pay right away the name may (and most likely will) change. When I finally made the payment weeks later I didn't re-confirm the payee's name with them and of course the payee's name had changed between the two dates so the payment I made had to be cancelled and had to make another payment to the new name Anton provided in his email. To make me feel better for this silly mistake of mine and to make up for this little inconvenience Anton threw in an extra bottle of primo (10ml!!) free of charge!!I got my pack within a week (to Europe) in a very discreet, stealthy packaging, without any issues, whatsoever!I am running a 20 week cycle which includes 500mg of primo EW and boy let me tell ya!The gear is smooth as silk and as potent as it can get! It is so thin and smooth that I could probably pin it with an insulin needle too! I also knew it is potent as hell when my waistline got really narrow within weeks AND my shoulders broad even without trying too hard! (No wonder Arnie loved primo! LoL!) The last bits of stubborn fat quickly melted away even from my problem area (that 1 inch wide thin belt of fat below my belly button). Now I have veins (!!!) popping out all over my abs! My GF has never been so into me before! LoL! I had a bf% of 9-ish when I started now it is 5.7!!!!One little downer:They don't seem to sell primo on their site right now but I hope it is only a temporary thing - they probably just ran out of it because of the summer or something!All I can say: I am a powersteroid customer for life now - in competition shape!Amazing quality for unbeatable prices!Thank you Anton!Keep up the great work!
Communication & Ordering process: Communication is fast via email usually a response within hours
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery is incredibly fast, packaging is very stealthy yet secure!
Products Ordered: Primobolan100
Product results and effectivenes: Product is as smooth, thin and potent as it gets! Made my cycle almost easy and definitely fun with a killer result!
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