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5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

This was my first international order and I have to say I was highly impressed with how everything unfolded. Not to Mention I count the half off sale which was absolutely amazing and it was FREE shipping. Power is very swift and kind with his operation. I have become a repeat customer and have no issues once so every quality source right here my friends. Order with confidence my friends.
Communication & Ordering process: excellent never had to send more than one email. Always prompt and writes back sane time biggest every day.
Delivery & Packaging: excellent took only 10 days this is international excellent wrap job could barely open the same thing my self and to get a knife. Lol
Products Ordered: TestP , MastP
Product results and effectivenes: The order was for a friend but he has been ranting and raving about his results he may actually finally get a six pack this year thanks to power !!!!!
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Being the first time i have ordered any gear over the internet i was very cautious and a little sceptical about doing so, you read and hear about so many scammers and people being scammed it is untrue, but after some searching and research i was glad and relieved to find on Evo. At the time there was also a 50% off promo which was a bonus! I have ordered from here twice now and experienced no issues at all and i will use Powersteroids again.
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was superb, always fast to reply and answer any questions. Ordering on the website was simple and easy to do.
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery time was 6 days to the UK. Packing was OK, plain brown padded envelope, everything was wrapped up and secure inside.
Products Ordered: Test E, Anastrozole.
Product results and effectivenes: First time user of Test so ill need to update at a later date after bloods.. but i have faith in the Test as it all checked out fine on the Vermodje product checker and im recovering fast after workouts.
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

I Will b ordering from Kenny again. Shipping was fast . Packaging was awesome. Customer service was excellent. Vials checked out Thanks Kenny . Well done!
Communication & Ordering process: was great ordering was easy
Delivery & Packaging: fast and awesome
Products Ordered: sustanon
Product results and effectivenes: havent pinned yet .but will soon
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Kenny was great from the start. His customer service is hands down the best I have dealt with. He was very professional and helped out in every way he could. The pack arrived in just over a week, which is super fast. Everything was packaged professionally and discreetly. It was a pain to open (which is a good thing). The product quality is top notch and prices are great. Would recommend.
Communication & Ordering process: Amazing
Delivery & Packaging: Outstanding.
Products Ordered: 4xTest E 250
Product results and effectivenes: A+
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Powersteroids was my first international source and made the process seamless. Everything was as expected,on time and every ema was answered quickly . All products checked out and ararrived very well packaged. My order was sent in two packages , from order date to my box was 11 days and my second arrived 3 days later ....everything was air tight ! I will order again !
Communication & Ordering process: Kenny responded to every email the same day and order was shipped 3 hrs after payment.
Delivery & Packaging: Very discreet, packed tight, doubled and taped securely.
Products Ordered: Vermodje Sust, Deca, Eq, Masteron, Tri-Tren and Clen. Balkan D-Bol and Clomid.
Product results and effectivenes: All codes checked out, Clen is as expected . All Vermodje so as expected first pins were smooth. Haven't used the Balkan prods yet, but it's legit and will do it's job .
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Im gonna order more from him, hes good guy, always quick response, FREE fast shipping, perfect packing, codes checked out, thank you.
Communication & Ordering process: amazing
Delivery & Packaging: fast and awesome
Products Ordered: test e, dianabol, anadrol, clenbuterol + free turanabol thats all from BP
Product results and effectivenes: codes checked out, so everything works fine as expected
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

This was my second international order and it went just as smoothly as my first. Received all my products in 10 days. Would order from them again. Seems like a good guy who responded to e-mails quickly.
Communication & Ordering process: Good communication. Process was a breeze.
Delivery & Packaging: Same packaging and time frame as my other international shipment.
Products Ordered: Test Mast dbol var
Product results and effectivenes: Not used yet
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