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Approved Log Pre-First Cycle Log

interesting variety of food
Wednesday: rest day.

Did a spin class, some yoga, and got back on the night shift.

thursday: All body training
3000 calories
weight: 76.9kg
260 protein
289 carbs
76 fat


Bench today, felt food. the 60kg is moving better! it feels like I have more control over the weight, and not like Im about to be crushed lol. strength is coming.
50kg x 7
60 kg x 3, 4, 6 !

Prone shrugs: less than last time, 20kg 18, 16, 18 reps -
one arm bicep curls: Upped weight from 9kg to 10kg - bc getting sick of spending so much time doing 20 rep sets lol. hit 15 reps for this weight
didn't really progress on cable rows
Military press, 27.5kg x 12 reps 3 sets

gained a rep on leg extn

Thinking about abandoning the 'pre cycle' log.

After locking in my diet, training and sleep over the last 2 months I've made some really good gains:

Perhaps the added cost and complexity of introducing drugs into the mix isn't necessary at this stage.


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I'm seeing a LOT of single leg leg press and kneeling 1 arm pulldowns etc by people NOT training hard
Idk what a kneeling 1 arm pull down is but,
I started doing single leg press to train my glutes.

I was doing hip thrusts, but my new gym aint got the machine, and it was becoming time consuming to set up with a barbell and a box, so I swapped it out.

Anyway, thanks for the constructive reply.
Heck of a workout man you are doing great
I like how you're doing things that don't involve weight training too to keep yourself healthy that's smart
very impressive volume I like it
Tuesday: legs
Weight 77.4kg

Dropped weight for single leg press dramatically to 18kg. Focusing on rom and feeling the glute. Couldn’t do that last week. Too heavy, too much cheating. What’s the point.

Added a rep to Bulgarian split
Added a rep to regular leg press 135kg for 18
Bulgarian rdl added a rep
Regular rdl added a rep

Didn’t feel as intense as last week or as locked in.
Good job
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