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Approved Log Pre-First Cycle Log

FRIDAY: Rehab Day
Weight: 76.9kg 2966 cals

Have been training straight after breakfast this weekend due to wake up time, swapped out oats for fast digesting cereal. Bar that, everything else is on plan.

Trained insane today: lots of GVT.

7 sets of 42.5kg bench 10 reps - failed at set 7 on 7 reps. last week I did 10 sets of 10 for 40kg.

Went up a kg on side lateral raise cables, did 10,10,15 reps.
did GVT on military press - got 9 sets for 9 reps and failed. Very good. last time I did this I got 10 sets of 10 for 22.5kg

Cable standing row has not progressed significantly in week. 36kg for 3 sets of 12. Back is my main focus this bulk, and yet Im slacking on it.

did box squats for rehab, 3 sets of 65kg, 10,10 and 26 reps. lol maybe up the weight for this next week,

Otherwise a good session.
Saturday: arms and abs day 77,4kg weight
Added a 2km run today.

lots of forearm work, hammer curls, Chin ups, tricep extensions. good little bonus day.

Had hot pot for dinner. full of oil fat, processed food and absolute shit. Delicious, good fun for a cold night. But definitely a once in a blue moon.
Followed up with some choc brownies that I made without oil/butter. they are approx half the cals of a regular brownie if I followed the regular ingredients.s
@jackyboy12 food choices are amazing......
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