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primo back in favor?

It was awesome I respond excellent with primo, it was para primo of course 😎 the best part about it the cycle was hassle free clean easy and after cycle my bloods came back looking perfect.
Oh it’s on my list for sure
In a world of dumb choices, it is a pretty smart one since combining with test anywhere from 1:2 to 2:1, you really don’t have to worry about hormonal side effects, and other side effects are minuscule compared to other available compounds.
Seen some logs and post with a lot of guys using Primo
seems like we went through a stretch or nobody was using it and guys would rather go with tren
now its all primo, primo, primo
you think it has to do with quality control issues where now you can find legitimate Primo or do you think that people are focused more on Aesthetics and want something with lower side effects
finally how would you run Primo if I was a first time user and I would be 30 years old and 5 foot 10 207 pounds
Primo always been top quality for dense muscle slow keepable gains...Just getting real primo was issue. That is over with
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