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problems on current steroid cycle

you are a prime example of why steroids get such a bad name.. not that i encourage the use, because i dont, but you have zero clue what you are doing, zero understanding of them and just sound quite foolish.. its completely fine to say they are not for you but you should have left it at that because the rest of the narrative does not do you any favors in the mental capacity department and im being very polite in saying that
I would not recommend using steroids to my worst enemy I’ve had a lot of problems on them
I was doing so good with my bench press naturally and decided to use steroids to get it stronger
after doing a couple cycles of steroids I come to find out I had something going on in my chest that was giving me pain. I went to the doctor and had them check me out they had X-rays done and said that they didn’t see anything wrong and to give it a few months and then I should feel fine
. It’s been a full year and I’m still having pain where I can’t even bench press properly
this is so upsetting to me because I was benching 250 pounds before I started using steroids
I was able to exceed over 300 pounds after a couple Cycles but then the pain started and I haven’t been able to go a heavy sense
every time I try to lift at least 150 lbs I get that same pain coming back and I blame the steroids for it
my advice kids is to stay off of steroids they are not worth it
are you serious bro
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