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Approved Log Pubertal gyno (gynecomastic) log

Sorry mate I’ll try go into a bit more detail for you.

Chicken wings and cous cous for my two meals at work. Only chicken available.
Around ten chicken wings per meal and a container of cous cous or pasta 150g-200g

Dinner is random every night so it’s very hard for me to comment on that.
Breakfast 100g scrambled eggs 50g bacon 100 g baked beans.

I’ve attatched nutritional panels for cookie and shakes. I have the two shakes and two cookies a day.

All rep ranges are 20x warm up then 12-15 reps set 1 set two is 6-10 and set three is 3-6 followed by a drop set I do this with everything.

Bench flat
Incline bench
Dumbbell flys
Cable flys under arm I forget the name.

Seated rows
Bent over rows
Lateral pull downs
Chain saw type machine

Dumbbell press
Side lateral raises
Front eaises
Up right rows

Leg press
Leg extension
Hamstring machine
Calf raises

Sometimes I throw a arm day in if I have time
Seated dumbbell curls
Incline dumbbell curls
Close grip bench

When I’m on days off in town I sometimes throw a few more excercises in I work ten days away only home for five. At work I have about a hour to train to fit this all in.

I haven’t done bloods in a long time. I’ve never had any side effects from estrogen or anything I have nolvadex and letro on hand also cardarine.

This is my fourth cycle I never go over 500mg a week I’ve only ever taken test with no sides besides shrunk balls. But I’d like to stay on 300mg a week for a while before I come off again. Can I take the anti gyno stack while on this? I’m very nervous about it I really don’t want to do deal with depression and crashed estrogen stuck out here in a tiny mining room isolated.

My gyno came from puberty I remember being sixteen and forming the lumps never thought anything of it until I got older and made me very self concious. 15000 in Australia to get it done. $3000 in Thailand is looking like a better option for me.

Also total protein a day is roughly 250 trust me it frustrates me not having accurate numbers before I worked out here I had everything weighed and all my meals perfect.

Cheers guys.
looking good bro
This type of gyno typically requires surgery. Even at a young age when you were really lean, you can still see it. Not likely an anti gyno stack is going to work. If you get the surgery just make sure they remove the glands so it can't form again.
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