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Why does this board/forum seem so unauthentic? It seems like all you moderators do is bash people for not choosing your source, go off subject to push your own agenda. This portion of the forum is about THEIR SOURCE. Not selling your source. Every time I see a moderator post, I feel like this board is a sham because you're all pushing your brand. Just let us bystanders tell a story without being ridiculed who their source is. Seeing these posts turn me away and makes me not want to use Domestic Supply, literally ever.

I literally ordered off a banner on this site, posted about buying from genezadirect and I was ridiculed for not using Napsgear.

I want to thank Tauceri for sharing this information though! It's amazing to hear people speak openly about their personal experience about a source.
i never bashed you... so im not understanding what you mean... i told you to read reviews and what it shows.. i didnt push anything, i gave you nothing but facts... if you want some sort of detailed experiences, theres logs up all over the place, there are reviews all over the place on multiple sites, not just here and a place like has trust pilot reviews for over a decade... so i simply pointed you towards facts.. im sorry it hurt your feeling or offended you but dont group me with people that come across a different way... unless your that soft that your feelings got hurt because i said it didnt seem like you did research.. if thats bashing then i dont know man... thats softer than charmin to get that hurt over someone simply trying to help you with facts... good luck to you.. i wont even bother..
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