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Puritysourcelabs cycle and shipping time?

My next cycle i would like to get a bit more creative and get a puritysourcelabs cycle of 250test, 200masteron, 250mgs EQ and maybe throw in an oral
My question is which of their orals would stack in well with this?
also how fast are they to ship if I am USA domestic?
I am in a rush to get this thing started and would like to start the oral immediately to kick-start things so I don't want to wait halfway through

First of all what is your goal? Secondly why do you feel that is entirely necessary to add more hormones?
The dosages are low and modest to be fair, You don't entirely necessarily need any additional hormones.
In fact I personally would drop the bold and ad Var, var with test/mast will display greater results and be more complimentary compared to bold/Eq.
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