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Requested cycle log test/primo/anavar


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Posting request cycle log from previous post

Age: 25 year old male
Weight: 80kg
Height: 5’7
BF: 14%

Been on/off weight lifting for 7 years since I was 18, had a fair bit of time off only really starting to get back into it these past 6 months and figured I’d jump back on a cycle

Slim down to a lower BF while maintaining as much muscle as possible.

Monday: Chest/Shoulder
Tuesday: Back/Bi’s
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Chest/Shoulder
Friday: Back/Bi’s

Have not included triceps as they just naturally seem to stay strong without me paying them much attention, for cardio I’ll jog on the treadmill/bike every few days but I do a bjj 3-5 times a week which seems to keep cardio in check.

Fish oil
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Milk thistle

1-16 Test E 300mg
1-16 Primo E 300mg
12-16 Anavar 30mg

Hcg 2 weeks before nolvadex

Now my question is the same as my previous post have I crashed my estrogen?
Currently on my second cycle so by no means and expert, have just done my mid cycle bloods and test levels came quite low for what I expected;

Posted a thread thinking it was underdosed gear;

But had been pointed out by the source/supplier it could possibly be due to low estrogen and not the gear itself, I failed to pick up on the estrogen as I misread the lab results thinking it said it was sitting at 55 not <55;

Please note the readings are in the units we use in Australia not the US.
Would appreciate some opinions on this as I have had a decreased libido, less motivation to get to the gym and a stall in progress in the past week. Also if it is crashed what would be the best way to go about fixing it, lowering primo and raising test? Also have a vial of hcg lying around would taking this spike my estrogen back to normal?

Cheers to anyone who read through this far much appreciated 👍🏼
brother thanks for starting the log but didn't i answer your question about the estrogen in your other thread? please re-check

You did partly bro that it could possibly be crashed but I’m trying to find answers for how I can fix that if it is
increase testosterone to 500mgs
lower primobolan to 100mgs
lower anavar to 10mgs
see how it goes
and put up meals and training way more detail needed
yes I agree w/ team UP test DOWN primo
and share some pics of you with face blurred
LOG respect for you posting it and now you have to fill in the blanks
for your cycle increase testosterone you'll see a difference
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