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Rigeu PSL Sponsored logbook

Push / 11/04/23

Decline db press
60kg x 11
54kg x 12
50kg x 11

HS Incline press
125kg x 9
100kg x 11

HS iso lateral bench press
80kg x 7
65kg x 10
60kg x 10

Dumbell shoulder press
40kg x 8
30kg x 11
30kg x 10
30kg x 8

Incline cable flys
15kg x 12
15kg x 9
10kg x 15
10kg x 14

Life fitness machine side lateral
37,5kg x 12
37,5kg x 10
37,5kg x 9
30kg x 12

Dumbell side lateral dropset
20kg all the way to 8kg (increments of 2kg)

SA rope pushdowns
11,25kg x 18
11,25kg x 15
11,25kg x 14

Single arm overhead rope extensions
10kg x 14
10kg x 12
10kg x 12

Legs (Hamstring focus) - 12/04/23

Lying leg curl
35kg x 16
35kg x 13
35kg x 12

Seated leg curl
85kg x 15
85kg x 14
85kg x 12 (RP) x 5 (RP) x 4 + 8 partials

Banded Pendulum squat
55kg x 14
55kg x 13
55kg x 12

HS iso-lateral leg press
155kg x 13
155kg x 10
155kg x 9

V-squat goodmornings
140kg x 10
140kg x 10
140kg x 10

Adductor machine
71,25kg x 16
71,25kg x 13
71,25kg x 10 + 10 sec iso hold

Toe presses (in the horizontal legpress)
108,75kg x 14
108,75kg x 12
108,75kg x 10
108,75kg x 9

Arms/Abs - 14/04/23

Straight bar cable pushdowns
80kg x 20
80kg x 12 (myo rep) x 5 (myo rep) x 3
80kg x 11 (myo rep) x 5 (myo rep) x 4

Alternating db curls
18kg x 15
18kg x 14
18kg x 12

Single arm overhead extensions
25kg x 18
25kg x 13
25kg x 12

Machine preacher curls
30kg x 15
30kg x 12
30kg x 10 ds 20kg x 8

BW dips
18 x
15 x
13 x

Seated db hammer curls
18kg x 12
18kg x 10
18kg x 9 ds 10kg x 12

DB side laterals supersetted with upright rows
18kg x 18/16/15 —- 30kg x 15/14/12

Life fitness machine crunches
88kg x 20
88kg x 18
88kg x 15
88kg x 15

Legs (quad focus) - 15/04/23

Seated leg curls
87,5kg x 18
70kg x 22

Leg extensions
100kg x 20
80kg x 22

Pendulum squat
55kg x 12
40kg x 16

Watson leg press
320kg x 12
240kg x 20

Single leg iso lateral HS leg press
150kg x 10
130kg x 13

Adductor machine
71,25kg x 15
63,25kg x 18

Toe press on leg press
90kg x 12
90kg x 10
90kg x 10
90kg x 9 ds 45kg x 10


Back, Biceps & Abs 17/04/23

Assisted pull-ups (F)
20 x
18 x
15 x

Chest supported T-bar rows
55kg x 10
47,5kg x 15
47,5kg x 13

Single arm cable pulldowns
85kg x 13
75kg x 15

HS high row
55kg x 13
55kg x 11
55kg x 10

Single arm LF row (underhand)
61kg x 12
61kg x 12

Straight bar Cable curls
70kg x 13
70kg x 12
70kg x 10

Incline db curls
16kg x 10
14kg x 13
14kg x 11

Rear delt cable flys
15kg x 19
15kg x 18
15kg x 17

Leg raises superset into machine crunches
3 sets till failure

Chest, Triceps, side delts 18/04/23

Incline HS press
155kg x 9
115kg x 14

Flat HS press
140kg x 8
115kg x 12
115kg x 8 RP x 4 RP x 3

Life fitness dip machine (chest focus)
130kg x 10
110kg x 15
110kg x 12

HS machine fly
94kg x 14
94kg x 11
94kg x 10 RP x 5 RP x 4

Cable side lateral raise
10kg x 15
10kg x 13
10kg x 12

Front delt cable raises
25kg x 15
25kg x 13
25kg x 12

Dual rope pushdowns
28kg x 18
28kg x 15
28kg x 13 stretch pause x 3 stretch pause x 3

Lying db extensions
18kg x 12
18kg x 12
18kg x 9

Legs - 19/04/23

Seated leg curl (life fitness)
119kg x 13
119kg x 12
119kg x 10

Leg extensions (life fitness)
119kg x 12
119kg x 10
119kg x 9

Hack squats
200kg x 8
160kg x 12
140kg x 14

Horizontal HS leg press
175kg x 9
150kg x 14
150kg x 12

Stiff legged db deadlifts
55kg x 15
55kg x 13
55kg x 12

142kg x 30
142kg x 30 (5 with spot)
142kg x 30 (8 with spot)

Seated calf raise
70kg x 13
70kg x 12
55kg x 13

Standing calf raise
45kg x 10/10/10

Workouts are still very good, can’t progress most of the lifts anymore but at most compounds i’m maintaining strenght while i’m way lighter bodyweight so that’s also progress i guess. I’ll be posting pics tomorrow, since i got time on my laptop. Can’t upload pics with my smartphone unfortunately. Weight is at 100kg / 220lbs right now. May 1th i’ll start my rebound since the cut was purely to increase insulin sensitivity and just being in good shape for summer. I think if i would diet a little harder for 3-4 weeks i would be ready for a bodybuilding show. Upperbody is like 4-6% bf right veins popping everywhere. Lower body needs more work, holding a lot of water it seems, maybe because of fatigue.

Current diet:
3000 kcals TD
2600 kcals NTD

40 min fasted 7x PW

Lypolitics + Peds:
Nothing has changed still on the same!

You are killing the workouts
Update time!

Finished my cut at May 1th. Slowly started to at in more kcals, drop the fatburners and decrease cardio.

Now i'm at 4000 kcals Training days and 3300 Rest days.

Shape still improved last week and got around 100kg bodyweight. Honestly if i cutted 2 weeks longer very hard i would be show ready.

One thing is sure i added 4-5kg of solid muscle since te last time i was in this shape, so i'm very happy. Right now i'm very excited for the push phase and improve my weak point!

Started with a new trainingssplit from John Meadows, the program is called ''High Evolutionary''. Low volume but with a lot of intensifiers. Really liking it so far!

I want to thank the PSL team once again for having my back improving year after year.

Current shape:


You look solid bro. Good job.. looks like those ep products did you well.

Team ep
powerful body for sure
when you stepping on stage?
Haha thanks guys these kind words means a lot to me! This cut wasn’t even that hard to be honest. I probably could take part of a show but… next time i’m stepping on stage i want to be improved, the judges wanted bigger legs and arms and they will get just that. I’m not just someone who wants to participate in a show but also want to win. To win a pro qualifier there is a still a lot of work. Last week i went to a Regional show and the level of competition is getting higher and higher tbh.
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