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Right bicep has a involuntary twitch


Buff Brother
I developed a twitch in my right bicep that pops up about once a day. Currently running Cardarine, Ostarine, Rad, Proviron... Any relation? Coincidence?
Coincidence. Try stretching it out or putting a heating pad on it. I get shit like that happening to me a few times a year in different body parts. You may just have to wait it out until the nerve calms back down.
I will get it too if I push myself too hard. It can be muscle cramping or even a slightly pinched nerve.

If it doesnt hurt and isnt impacting your workouts I wouldnt worry about it too much. Also can add taurine and other electrolytes in the off chance you are slightly dehydrated.
This happens to me randomly. It could be after a workout because you dont have enough vitamins and minerals. Look to take some hydration salts if the problem persists.
it isn't the PED's directly, but it is the result of pushing yourself too much in the gym. it you are pinching a nerve it means you could have a herniation in one of your discs which are going down your arm. don't take this lightly as the medical community DOES NOT have a solution to fix this aside from putting you on pain killers (which won't help)
i get this sometime too and im not on anything.. .its all about how hard you are going etc... it has nothing to do with the ped's themselves but indirectly its just because they are allowing you to go harder... electrolytes are always imperative regardless... drink PLENTY of water as well
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