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Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Looking forward to doing more business with them
Communication & Ordering process: Great on all levels. I had a few concerns but Robo responded and put me at ease
Delivery & Packaging: Very discrete and safely packaged
Products Ordered: Test Cyp
Product results and effectivenes: 3 weeks in, feeling good. I posted some labs. took 1st dose on a thursday and had labs done on Monday to check quality. Injected 300mgs and was over 1500...
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Source came highly recommended on this board so I got in touch with Robo. Top notch communication, super simple payment process, ordered Monday and received on Friday. Gear looks great. Will edit this review and update it once I get into this cycle. I have no worries based on what I have read so far. Just wanted to give a review for their service and fast shipping. A+++ seller Also worth noting that there is going to be a slight delay on the test I ordered. I'm used to waiting 3-4 weeks for stuff, so I don't mind waiting a few extra days on a 5 day deal. However, Robolics contacted me as soon as they realized there was going to be a delay on the normal week turnaround and MORE than made up for it. I can't say enough for a lab that goes above and beyond for their customer like that. I would recommend these guys to all of you.
Communication & Ordering process: Excellent and simple
Delivery & Packaging: Order Monday night, shipped Wednesday, arrived Friday. Discreet/well packaged
Products Ordered: Robotren, Robobol, Robotest
Product results and effectivenes: TBD
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

The best UGL I have ever used. Highly recommend Robolics Labs! My go to source.
Communication & Ordering process: Excellent Very Fast resposes, great communication
Delivery & Packaging: Excellent; Very Fast
Products Ordered: Test E, Dbol, Tren Ace, Test Prop, Deca, Mast
Product results and effectivenes: I've used the test E and it was amazing. Friends have used other products and had excellent results!
4 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

I ordered towards the end of my tren test cycle, because I was running low. I asked for a special order of test 400 as well as tren 150. He obliged without a problem and sent me my tren same day I ordered. I got them within a ridiculous 2 days. He said he was low on vials so the test was coming late, he made up for it by sending me an additional 10ml vial of test 400. The customer service and shipping is ridiculously great!! I would give 5 stars, but like I said, I ordered towards the end of my cycle and haven't tried his test yet because I received it a week after I ordered. I pinned the tren only 3 times, but It definitely worked. I look forward to giving this guy a 5star review after I do a robo only cycle here in a couple months after I pct and cycle off.
Communication & Ordering process: 5 star
Delivery & Packaging: 5 star
Products Ordered: 5 star
Product results and effectivenes: can not review yet
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Quite possibly the best customer service I have ever received in my life, and I am not even joking. Not just for gear, I am talking for any company, ever. The man gave me a free vial for an issue that wasn't his fault at all, then let me know ahead of time he may have forgotten to include it but to let him know so he could ship it out, then shipped out immediately on a Saturday morning the free vial after I notified him that it wasn't included and somehow it arrived here this morning...WTF?? How is that possible, lol...I'd recommend him just for his service alone...but from what I have heard, his gear is just as good. Will revisit and edit the post once I run it, but have no reason not to think its good stuff...looks fantastic.
Communication & Ordering process: phenomenal...had issues with WU and had to call twice and then get a refund and switch to MG, he offered to throw in a free vial for my hassles, then let me know he wasn't sure if it was included, but to let him know if it wasn't and he would reship the free one. I received the package Saturday morning, emailed him only one vial was included, he responded back in under 10 minutes that the free vial was being shipped out IMMEDIATELY, and I received it today, on a Monday, under 2 days from damn near across country. Are you freaking serious???
Delivery & Packaging: Like lightning. Texas to New York in 2 days on first package, then on free one he forgot to include, shipped out Saturday morning and I received Monday morning. Almost like he drove it here himself and dropped it in my box, lmao!! Wrapped securely in bubble wrap and vial is wrapped in a paper towel several times with a lot of tape ensuring it stays put.
Products Ordered: Test E 250 ml
Product results and effectivenes: Haven't used yet, looks fantastic, can't wait to try it, will post my results once I test it out...
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Just ordered test e / deca cycle for robo .. can't wait to get my order .. quick and easy.. let everyone know when I get my order...Communication & Ordering process: quick and easyDelivery & Packaging: waitingProducts Ordered: test e / decaProduct results and effectivenes: not known
Communication & Ordering process: quick and easy
Delivery & Packaging: waiting
Products Ordered: test e / deca
Product results and effectivenes:6/14/14 alright everyone.. On my 7th week of all robolics product. 500mg ew of test e , 400mg ew of DECA, & 40mg of dbol.. And of course my exemstane 12.5mg ed I've gain 6 lbs of straight muscle.. So far.. Diet good.. 199 now 205.. Looking for more in the weeks to come..
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5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Have heard nothing but good things here. .. About to start test tren hgh gw s4 with either dbal or drol to start might actually combine them a lil... Can't wait to get rolling here. ..I know I give them 5 stars across board right now other than trying gear but have no worries there causer I have seen results from othersCommunication & Ordering process: 5 of 5 very fastDelivery & Packaging: Good deliver and quick 5 04 5Products Ordered: Test tren dbal drol 5 of 5 selection growing fastProduct results and effectivenes: Haven't hit Terry about to stay
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Reliable, fast, discreet, courteous. Seems to have all the elements of a good source.
Communication & Ordering process: Fast and discreet.
Delivery & Packaging: Used WU before he switched. Discreet packaging, well wrapped, no problems there.
Products Ordered: T-Prop 100
Product results and effectivenes: Seems to be very effective, still adjusting dosage.
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

That's all I have to say. Hands down just phenomenal to deal with. Thank you
Communication & Ordering process: Perfect
Delivery & Packaging: Top notch
Products Ordered: Anadrol-dianabol-tren-sustanon-deca
Product results and effectivenes: In process of evaluation.
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

This is my third simple Test E cycle (3 different sources). Robolics is by far the best source I've used so far. I had the gear on my doorstep 2 days after he had the money in his hand. NOBODY is that fast. I'm used to waiting weeks for gear. Secondly, the communication was great. We had a back-n-forth bro talk about the shit for 15 e-mails, this guy is one of us and is on point. Lastly, and most importantly, I am now 6 weeks into my 500/week Test E cycle and I got blood work results that were spot on LEGIT. No PIP from this gear either, at all. I really didn't even need to get blood work because I'm seeing better results on his gear than the other 2 sources I've used. FINALLY a source I can trust. During my PCT I'm going to be ordering a more complex stack from him for me and some friends (including some of his orals) and I can't f**kin wait. I'll let you guys know about that shit when the time comes. PM me for any more info. Much love to Robolics.
Communication & Ordering process: Top Notch
Delivery & Packaging: Discreet and FAST (2 days)
Products Ordered: 40ml Test E
Product results and effectivenes: Correctly dosed gear and
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Everything looks great... 4 days for delivery... Will update on quality
Communication & Ordering process: Easy... Simple
Delivery & Packaging: Quick and secure
Products Ordered: Tren a/test/eq
Product results and effectivenes: Too soon to tell
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

ordered twice so far, both times only took four days total. emails always replied to within a couple hours at the latest. tracking number was given, plus free shipping is always a bonus. extremely impressed with quality, prices, and customer service. will be a long time robo supporter
Communication & Ordering process: best ive seen. very prompt emails
Delivery & Packaging: fastest delivery ive seen. products all wrapped up tight and secure
Products Ordered: test prop, sustanon, test e, tren a, dbol
Product results and effectivenes: currently running sust and dbol. put on about 8 lbs in 3 weeks. i know if my diet was better and i ate more i wouldve gained a lot more. sust is pretty damn potent. more acne from this sust than ive gotten from any compound ever, including tren
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

This guy is awesome. Great ordering process. Great instructions. Was a little delayed took about 2 weeks to get my order, but he included a free vial even though it wasnt his fault. More people whould do business like this! Extremely straightforward and would recomend to anyone with a legit need.
Communication & Ordering process: Great extremely fast, Answered emails withing 5 hours every time.
Delivery & Packaging: Great packing, surprised how fast it shipped. It only took 2 days to get from TX to FL.
Products Ordered: Test Prop
Product results and effectivenes: TBD but will be getting bloodwork before and two weeks into usage, will post up results!
Communication & Ordering process: super quick in relation to both, Robolics is always available for correspondence!
Delivery & Packaging: well protected and quite fast
Products Ordered: 20ml TEST E and CYP
Product results and effectivenes: have yet to utilize said items. Update both items are clearly doing their job which allows me to do mine!!!!!
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5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Ordering had a little hiccup on my part, but I quickly let him know about it and everything continued to go smooth. Order shipped Monday, I received my order on Thursday.
Communication & Ordering process: 5 Stars
Delivery & Packaging: The small box it came in was sort of open due to no tape being put on it which freaked me out at first, but after opening and inspecting items, no way anyone could know what was inside.
Products Ordered: 2 20ML vials of Test Cypionate
Product results and effectivenes: Currently on 2nd day... time will tell.
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Of all the domestic (US) underground labs I've read about, none have been more verified than Robolics. I've seen bloodwork reported for Robolics on several forums, each time verifying the legitimacy of their product. Fewer labs have had as much confirmation of their product's legitimacy. Their producers are also very community-oriented and actually post on steroid forums themselves.
Communication & Ordering process: Their shipping is extremely fast. They will ship the product before they even tell you they've shipped it. I received my order in, I think, three days.
Delivery & Packaging: I had never ordered vials from a UGL before, only orals, and they were packaged like how you'd hope they are.
Products Ordered: Deca (nandrolone undecanoate)
Product results and effectivenes: Currently taking. Immediately I had intense night sweats, which I get when taking any kind of nandrolone product. Yep: it's definitely nandrolone.
1 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

I should have done research before sending money .
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5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

I've been using another UGL for the last year or so but decided to try robo because of the enormous amout of great reviews. So far the reviews have been correct. I'll put it like this....I ordered my gear and then ordered dominoes pizza right after... the gear came first!!! No shit the shipping was that fast. Amazing! ! Cant wait for the results. M
Communication & Ordering process: better than you can ask for
Delivery & Packaging: outstanding! !
Products Ordered: Tren Ace
Product results and effectivenes: just started yesterday. didn't sleep worth a shit last night so that should say something
5 out of 5 rating for Robolics Labs Steroid Source Reviews

These stinking sales. lol When robo rolled out the buy three get one free vial sale, I'm like - - <<<<really???>>>>What a deal. Robo is on point with their communication - even if you are a pest and they are on vacation. (sorry man)Anyway, I made my order the day the sale hit and paid late that day. TWO business days after shipping it was at my door. Thanks robo - nice job! I've been ROBOed. :)
Communication & Ordering process: nice to work with, excellent communicator
Delivery & Packaging: top notch packing, 2 day shipping
Products Ordered: multiple vials of tren ace, one free primo vial
Product results and effectivenes: coming soon, yet to use
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