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5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

recieved 2 vials of vermodje test p. Oils were smooth and potent. Libidio was out the roof!;)
Communication & Ordering process: Replied always within a day different time zones. Was very helpful.
Delivery & Packaging: Received within 2 weeks. Well packed
Products Ordered: Test p
Product results and effectivenes: 10/10 good product test levels were out the roof
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

I would recommend this site to anyone. Communication was great. Delivery came in a little less than 3 weeks from the time they received my payment, which was completely fine with me as I'm not scheduled to go back on until mid-April. All of the products have serial numbers. Packaging was discrete; everything was in bubble wrap and in perfect shape. My buddy, who is not a member on this site, also placed and order a few days after I did. He received his order the same day as I received mine, which was in the 2 week period for him. His shipment contents were equally impressive. I will definitely be using them again for future purchases.
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was top notch. All emails were responded to within 24 hours, and usually sooner.
Delivery & Packaging: Packaging was discrete and very well put together. Everything was in perfect condition including the vial boxes.
Products Ordered: Vermodje EQ, Test E, Tbol, Clomid, Nolva, Exemestane
Product results and effectivenes: Starting in 2 months (mid April), so no results available at this time
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Aromasin was out of stock after I ordered-he let me know, and went ahead and shipped my winstrol anyway. Got both packages within 2 weeks of order. Excellent t/a for overseas.
Communication & Ordering process: Great communication-responds quickly
Delivery & Packaging: Air tight-discreet-product protected-orals in blister orals broken.
Products Ordered: vermodje aromasin and winstrol
Product results and effectivenes: Haven't used yet-never had any issues with vermodje so I'm not doubting them.
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Took chance on the promo and purchase 2 vials each of RADJAY Test C and Tren A, and got 2 free RADJAY EQ as promised. The vials was nicely boxed, and all the vials can be clearly see through that there are not contamination. So far had only tried the tren A, as i am in the midst of a tren, eq cycle. Been running 100mg of tren ed, after switching over to Radjay, I can feel that the tren is more potent than the previous i was using (which was also a reputable brand). My body behaves like a furnace everytime food was ingested, which wasn't so much previously. Strength-wise, I'm still trying to break through a plateau, so far there are no obvious gain in strength, and no loss either. And I'm still trying to tweak my training and diet to break my plateau.
Communication & Ordering process: Emails were replied promptly, and they will guide you through the ordering process which is a walk in the park.
Delivery & Packaging: TA is as promised, ard 2 weeks from shipping out and tracking was given. Package is tight and neat, safe from breakage.
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

I was given the oppurtunity to try out a vial of Radjay Test P as well as a vial of Vermodje Test P. I had been using another sources test P beforehand and switched to both of these products. Both of them came in sealed boxes with verification numbers for validity. Both looked very authentic and good to go. The first one I used was the Radjay. Surprisingly there was very minimal PIP. Probably the smoothest Test P I have used. I ran it at my continued dose of 100mg EOD. I had been using a good source before switching so I was noting any differences. After a couple weeks everything seemed to be working as advertised. I was still gaining strength and lean mass. I got about 3 weeks out of the vial, and switched to the Vermodje. The Vermodje wasn't quite as smooth as the Radjay, but the results were just as good and the PIP was still minimal. Overall I was very pleased with both products, and everything about them did everything I was hoping and more.Communication & Ordering process: Communication was perfect, and very prompt to replyDelivery & Packaging: Very quick T/A for international, all packaged securely and discreetlyProducts Ordered: Rad jay Test P, Vermodje Test PProduct results and effectivenes: Excellent. Dosed appropriately and results reflected that
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Really wanted to try the Radjay line Test E. After seeing the promos they were running decided to place an order. Got 100 tabs tbol free. Also ordered my AI. Communication was great,and pack landed about 2 weeks after order, even though tracking still said it was preparing to leave country of origin. Had surgery so cycle put on hold but very excited to try after seeing reviews.
Communication & Ordering process: Very prompt communication
Delivery & Packaging: great packaging, and just over 2 weeks on delivery
Products Ordered: Radjay Test E, vermodje aromisin vermodje tbol
Product results and effectivenes: Havent tried product yet due to surgery but am very excited when i get to
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Customer service Top Notch email responded quickly and best of all the give a Tracking number .
Communication & Ordering process: Simple just ordered made my payment and received and email thats is simple as 1.2.3
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery Took 2 weeks and package very discrete and tight
Product results and effectivenes: NPP. Its great i was suffering pain in my joins Winny its hard to me so npp help me a lot Sustanon awesome and Proviron libido to the roof
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Very smooth and well run organization...roids24 is the by far the best international source out there!
Communication & Ordering process: Very good communication and very smooth process
Delivery & Packaging: Package took around 2 1/2 weeks but well worth the wait
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Ordered Vermodje Proviron, Cialis on a Saturday, paid on Sunday, stuff shipped on Monday PM. With promotion I got free vial of Vermodje Test Prop.Got tracking number Tuesday AM. Stuff arrived week from that Friday, so less than 2 weeks.
Communication & Ordering process: Excellent. Emails answered within few hours
Delivery & Packaging: Pretty good. I would have liked a small box instead of small padded envelope, but no biggy
Products Ordered: Vemodje Cialis, Proviron, Test Prop (free due to promotion)
Product results and effectivenes: Only take Cialis so far. Erections were noticeably better since I'm on a Nandrolone. Also got telltale side effects like red eyes, face flushing. Good stuff.
4 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Thanks again roids24
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was awesome. They get back quick. And that was with the fact they were sending me free product
Delivery & Packaging: Packaging was great !
Products Ordered: I was sent some Radjay prop to test and review
Product results and effectivenes: i have to admit I've always had problems with prop pip but the Radjay was awesome and didn't even leave any knots which I normally get from prop. Also this was taken towards the end of a cycle and it definitely have me some great pumps and a little strength increase even though towards the end of cycle.
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Over all I was very happy with 24...Thing went smooth and blood work tested out perfectly.....I will be using them in the future....
Communication & Ordering process: Very professional and easy to communicate with.....
Delivery & Packaging: Everything was packaged very discreet
Products Ordered: Test E
Product results and effectivenes: Test E was smooth.....I cruised on 150 a week for 6 weeks and I got bloods and it was on par with my TRT Test...I would not hesitate to order from these guys......
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Will be doing business with in the future...
Communication & Ordering process: R24 is a good dude and very easy to do business with.
Delivery & Packaging: Very good T/A considering where it was sent from. Packaging could have been a bit better, but this was just one vial.
Products Ordered: RadJay Test-E 250mg/ml
Product results and effectivenes: Some of the smoothest Test I've ever used TBH.
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Great customer service and really good prices for their products. The cheapest I found so far with codes on them to verify products to make sure they are legit. Radjay orals are really nice and ZDHC has some nice stuff too. Can't really go wrong with these guys. It's also nice they offer promotions on products. Radjay test p I found smoother than pharmacom surprisingly. Will post blood work when the time comes.
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was great and usually responded within a few hours or less than 24
Delivery & Packaging: Packing was discreet and safely wrapped. took about 3.5 weeks to arrive in Hawaii
Products Ordered: Radjay test p, radjay anavar, radjay winny,
Product results and effectivenes: Radjay test p is real smooth with little pip with little sides. The winny is stronger I think than the brand ZDHC, but really dries out my joints worse, but no loss of libido compared to ZDHC. The anavar will take some more time to tell. So far it seems like it's working but still to early to tell.
4 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Let me start by saying I only gave them 4 stars because I haven't used their gear yet and thus can't give an opinion on it.But overall great experience for a international source! I was sent emails on delivery and tracking numbers. No complaints...
Communication & Ordering process: every step was simple and very smooth, no issues.
Delivery & Packaging: took about 10 days from time of order to reach me.
Products Ordered: EQ, Tren Mix, Masteron, Dbol, Nolva
Product results and effectivenes: I haven't used their gear yet, I'm getting things in place for my bulk cycle. But will post results once I start and finish the cycle.
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

this is a very good source and i will definetively order again . Customer service and communication are outstanding . They have a chat line open every time i logged into my account . I ordered i Radjay tren acetate , 1 Vermodje winny tabs ( 100 ) and 1 strip of 25 cialis tabs ( vermodje ) . when i opened the pack i realized they added 3 more strips of cialis , that's 75 more cialis tabs . Great stuff ! Tren ace by Radjay is smooth and pip free , winny tabs are legit and the cialis is strong . Everything is good to go . Fire stars rating for me
Communication & Ordering process: outstanding
Delivery & Packaging: perfect
Products Ordered: Radjah tren acetate , Vermodje winny tabs and cialis
Product results and effectivenes: everything is GTG .
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

I have made two orders with this source and had no problems, from communication through to delivery. 5 star source with 5 star products.
Communication & Ordering process: Ordered through website, confirmed through email. Money Sent.
Delivery & Packaging: First order took about 2 weeks, second took about 3. Packaged discretely and undamaged.
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Got a chance to try his test e.Communication & Ordering process: Easy to get a hold of. Answered promptly when questions were asked.Delivery & Packaging: Box and vials were really professional. Will order from him in the future for sure.Products Ordered: Sample of test eProduct results and effectivenes: Used only a vial but could tell it was the real deal. Pumps were amazing. No PIP whatsoever
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Bro's roids24 is straight up great communication had my gear in a week pharm grade, got some test c and it is the bomb.
Communication & Ordering process: 5 out of 5
Delivery & Packaging: 5 out of 5
Products Ordered: 5 out of 5
Product results and effectivenes: 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Great results so far in the first week.
Communication & Ordering process: prompt email response and smooth
Delivery & Packaging: took two week from order date to my door. not bad for international.
Products Ordered: dbol, var, tren mix
Product results and effectivenes: took the dbol and var. definitely feel the effects already on low dose and just getting started.
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