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ROIDSSEEK.COM Steroid Source Reviews

4 out of 5 rating for ROIDSSEEK.COM Steroid Source Reviews

Not too bad. Their legit and you get what you ask for
Communication & Ordering process: Good and professional
Delivery & Packaging: Discreet packaging but long wait for delivery since it's international
Products Ordered: Andriol, kalpa Tbol, kalpa proviron
Product results and effectivenes: Got what I asked for and worked as expected
4 out of 5 rating for ROIDSSEEK.COM Steroid Source Reviews

good overseas source but iffy on the gear they sell to no fault of their own.. they sell many different brands and the cheaper brands may not be worse than the expensive ones. homework is important
Communication & Ordering process: great but they don't provide tracking so you gotta wait and hope
Delivery & Packaging: one package was open, but probably not their fault.
Products Ordered: orals, tren, test, eq
Product results and effectivenes: most was favorable.. some gear i felt was underdosed depending on brand
4 out of 5 rating for ROIDSSEEK.COM Steroid Source Reviews

These guys were my very first ever source, outside of my city. Ordered Dbol and Tren A. Shipping was good and discreet. Got a fairly good amount of solid labs as well. Their stock is sometimes low at times, pretty much the only problem I found with them.
Communication & Ordering process: Easy to order off website, quick communication
Delivery & Packaging: Fast delivery, well packaged, discreet
Products Ordered: Dbol Tren A (Geneza and Balkan)
Product results and effectivenes: Very good
5 out of 5 rating for ROIDSSEEK.COM Steroid Source Reviews

Kalpa gearDragon pharmaHuman grade gearBalkan
Communication & Ordering process: communication & ordering process were great placed notified rep.from rs.contacted me be4.order came in told me if i had aby problems once order landed that they would take care of it.
Delivery & Packaging: deluvery packed sealed tight.nothing broken in all 4 years dealed with these guys
Products Ordered: tren e
1 out of 5 rating for ROIDSSEEK.COM Steroid Source Reviews

Ok this all started 3 weeks ago I was in the market for some gear and I was on another forum and heard nothing. It great stuff about Roidsseek.Net...So I messaged them and asked if it was cool to place a order and to see if the stuff I wanted was in stock and they were so I went and sent the money...It was picked up next day and this is when it starts..I orders some clen and some winny..The clen was shipped 3 days later...My winny was not shipped..I made tickets to ask were is my stuff and was told it's all good just chill it going out...Well I kept askin every other day why didn't my winny get shipped...Well today I just got a message on my ticket sayin that they are stopping shipping due to some FBI sting...They are doing me a favor by not shipping it and so on...Basically I'm beat...I'm posting this to let all you guys know that this place is a scam...This is their second email address first was now It's .net...Shady as fuck...SO BASICALLY BRETHERN IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET FOR GEAR DO NOT ISE THIS SOURCE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET BEAT...Thank God I sent $130 buck I wanted $800 worth of goods but I said to myself no you don't m ow if they are legit...Thank God I didn't...
Communication & Ordering process: They answer
Delivery & Packaging: No
Products Ordered: Clen and Winny
Product results and effectivenes: Bullshit
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