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Approved Log S.Gentz 2023/2024 bulk log

Nice man. How is your grass so perfect like that my gosh, you must not have any bugs in your yard.
I'm in NY. We really don't get many bugs in the grass in my area. Couple hits with the fertilizer a year and pretty constant watering from june through end of august.
@s.gentz always love seeing your dog bro :)

so you have around january 1st you need to start the diet log?
I think the plan now is gonna be continue bulking until end of October. November drop the cals down to maintenance for a month to level out and then start diet around 12/1 or so. This will give me 3 solid months to trim down for vaca.
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I bet someone comes in and mows it
I wish. It's all my wife and I(mostly her) I'm so busy lately its hard to get it done.
Once in a while if we are out of town i have my neighbors guy cut it for us.
you are one lucky guy sgentz
bros that dog look like a black terrier mix with lab?
She's actually a mix between australian cattle hound, doodle and irish setter. When her leg and tail hair gets long it's red.
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