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Approved Log S.Gentz Recomp/Cut Log 2023-2024

the 5 days on 2 off strategy with hgh is fine. hgh isn't like a hormone that needs to be done daily IMO
This is a nice hardcore stack I respect it although I would have ran double or triple the dosing
is your thyroid no good now at your age ?
Thyroid is fine. Just like running a little when dieting. Works well for me. No issues.
12/5/2023 12 weeks out from vacation


Meal1-1c egg whites/1 slice non fat cheese/6 slices turkey bacon/2 slices Ezekiel toast
Meal2- 7oz ground turkey/150g rice
Meal3- 7oz ground turkey/150g rice
Meal4- Shake post WO
Meal5- 7oz ground turkey/150g rice
Meal6- 1c egg whites/40g oatmeal

Cable pullovers 130x15/140x15/150x15
Shoulder width lat pull 130x15/140x15/150x15
Close grip lat pull 130x15/140x15/150x15
Cable curls 60x15/70x15/80x15/90x15 plus 1 drop
Alternating DB curls 20x15/25x15/30x15
SS preacher single arm DB curls/reverse EZbar curl 25x15x4/40x15x4

15min fasted AM treadmill
10min post WO stairs

Switching to chicken for a week. Cooking will commence in the garage now that it’s cold out!
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Do you buy egg whites in a bulk container?
I just but the 4cup cartons from the store. Used to get tha gallons from muscle egg but takes up too much room in the freezer.
Is it cheaper than buying a dozen eggs for $1.50?
Not sure where you’re getting eggs but we are paying $4/$5 bucks. Even then farm eggs are over $3.
More about convenience.
Not sure where you’re getting eggs but we are paying $4/$5 bucks. Even then farm eggs are over $3.
More about convenience.
In the Seattle area. They are always on sale at one of the 4 stores we shop. If you have the app on your phone you get better deals. We always bargain shop. Heck we even got those expensive omega3 loaded brown eggs for $2.50 18 pack 6 weeks ago that normally sells for $5.
Is leg day just once a week for you? I’ve been considering that for myself as well, I work them twice a week at the moment, but I find deadlifts and barbell squats hard to recover from.
Right now once a week and add in a glute/ham day on weekends sometimes.
In my last training block I had two different leg days that I would do every other week so I’d have a heavy day one week then I lighter day the following so I would have a longer recovery period between hard days. Worked great. Put up some pretty big numbers on the squat and leg press
Check out my bulk log from a few months back if you wanna see my workouts.
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