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Approved Log S.Gentz Recomp/Cut Log 2023-2024

Mr. Buffalo is always a nice group. can't beat upstate Nyers
Man I love your meals. I’m gonna copy a few of them.
4/19/2024 47weeks out-Might be longer if I do Detroit Pro instead of Mr. Buffalo-TBD
Weight 204.4lbs/Goal before Bulk 190-195lbs-This may change to mirror in a few more weeks?

Meal1-1c egg whites/1 slice non fat cheese/6 slices turkey bacon/2 slices Ezekiel toast
Meal2- 5oz chicken breast/150g rice
Meal3- 5oz chicken breast/150g rice
Meal4- Post WO shake + 9g glutamine
Meal5- 1c egg whites/1 slice non fat cheese/6 slices turkey bacon/2 slices Ezekiel toast
Meal6- 1.5c mixed frozen barriers/1c non-fat Greek yogurt/30g oatmeal

Jon Meadows Reactive Pump Program week 5 of 12

SS-V bar pushdown 80x15x4sets/BB curl-60x8x4sets plus 10m partials after each set
SS- DB Hammer curls-25x8/30x8/35x8/40x8 plus 2 drops/DB kickbacks 25x10x4sets
SS- DB lying single arm cross body extension 20x15x4sets/Preacher curl-50x10x4sets plus reverse grips to failure after each set
Extra work-Cable curls 20x12x2sets times three
Ab machine-90x15x3sets

30min treadmill post WO

250mg/wk test E
12g fish oil daily
15g fiber daily on top of food fiber
5mg Cialis daily
Amlodipine/Benazepril 10/20mg daily
Meloxicam 15mg daily
7 caps N2Guard daily
1000mg Citrus Bergamot daily
Daily greens
15g glutamine post WO
2,000mg L-Carnitine pre-WO
1/2tsp Celtic sea salt pre WO

Today will wrap up this log. Overall I had success. Started the cutting cycle in late November at 223lbs. Cut down to just over 198lbs at the end of February. Cycle ended at that point and I started the recomp phase. Recomp started at 200lbs when i got back from vacation. Ate approx 2000-1
2100 cals daily and trained very hard. Protien stayed around 250g, carbs around 200 and fats around 35. Dropped a little more fat and brought weight up to 204. Thats where I currently sit. One week ago i added in 300 cals in prep to start the bulk.
New cycle will begin on Monday. It will consist of test, deca, HGH and IGF1-LR3. Anadrol will be added in once lifts start to stall. Will be very diligent on diet and will try to put on as much lean tissue as I can between now and October. I haven't decided on training plan yet but I will follow the John Meadows plan I am currenty on for another 6 weeks then move on. His training style seems to suite me so I will prob use another one of his plans.
October I will take 8-10 weeks to clear out and prepare for prep. I haven't decided which show I will do yet so starting prep will depend on that. I'm looking at either Mr. Buffalo in early April, Detroit pro in late April or NPC Western NY Championships in June. Will do an 18-20 week prep. Last year I only gave myself 12 weeks and I had to diet pretty hard and didn't have the look I think I can on stage.
Thanks everyone for their support on this log!!!
You keep them all locked in
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