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s4 and gw


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whats up guys; had a question regarding a sarms stack.
first of all, my stats are;
H: 5'9
W: 183
BF: 13-14%
been working out since i was 17 but been consistant for the last 3 years
have done 2 AAS cycles, one test only and second test and dbol.

so my question was, im doing s4 and gw for 8 weeks but i also have katandrol; could i throw it in there wirh s4 and gw?

thanks in advance!
Katandrol is a weak DHEA based pro-hormone. You honestly won't notice anything from it. Especially at your age. DHEA supplements only have mild benefits (at best) in men aged 40+. All you are going to notice from adding it into your current SARM stack is your hair thinning lol.

If I was you, I would take the katandrol back and use the money to buy ostarine. Then I would run the full triple stack.
The triple stack is combination of S4 + ostarine + cardarine.
Cardarine is a great SARM for fat loss and endurance
Ostarine is a great SARM for recovery
S4 is a great SARM for strength gains
You get the best of everything by stacking the three together.
i have ostarine as well, i guess ill just cancel the kata.
im doing an aas cycle right after this, do you recommend that or would that be too harsh on the body.

thanks for the quick reply.
Hey sorry to get involved I ask a lot of questions. But what's you total goal? And how consistent are you to achieve this goal?
Hey sorry to get involved I ask a lot of questions. But what's you total goal? And how consistent are you to achieve this goal?

my goal is to add 5 pounds of muscle without adding any bf, my diet isnt spot on great but i watch my macros and try my best to stay on my goal. i was actually 190 with 11%bf but i got sick and couldnt goto the gym for a while and ate bad and now im here at 183 lol
I would drop the kata and add in the Ostarine. That would be a prefect triple stack. I would do the mini PCT after the SARMs. Just a bottle of HCGenerate ES would be enough. After that just take a couple weeks off and start your steroid cycle.
so I ordered Costa and decided to do the triple stack, the dosage are as follows:
week 1-8 osta 25 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m.
week 1-8 s4 50 mg day... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg six hours later
week 1-8 gw501516 20 mg day... 10 mg in the a.m. and 10m.g. 12 hours later
my question is,
1- can I take my morning doses before I do my cardio on empty stomach and all 3 together?
2- the afternoon dose, should I take before gym or after? I usually hit the gym around 9;30-10 pm and I wake up around 8-9 am

thanks guys.
You can really take them anytime. GW and Osta have longer half lives so it wont matter as long as you dose every day. S4 with the shorter half life should just be twice per day. I don't think it will make a huge difference when you take it.
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