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Sarms and Oxandrovar cycle log!


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Hey guys, I started what I would consider my first real cycle today and I'm going to log it.

A little background info, I have never used any aas or prohormones, I have only used SARMS 1 time. Last September, I took a break from working out and eating right, the entire shebang. My fiance was 8 months pregnant and I had my first son in Novemeber. I finally decided in February it was time to get back to it. When I quit lifting in September I was 250 ~12%, in February I had put quite a bit of weight on and I was 268 ~18-20%. I went on a very successful recomp from February to the end of April. During that time I went from 268 18-20% to 258 13-15%. Since then I have increased my calories and been training very hard, waiting for this day to come to start this cycle.

Currently I am
Training off and on for 14 years

1-8 LGD 10mg ED
1-8 S4 100mg ED
1-8 GW 20mg ED
3-8 Liquidex AI 2ml ED
3-8 Taurine 5-10g ED
3-4 Oxandrovar 2 caps ED
4-8 Oxandrovar 3 caps ED
3-8 Trenavar 60mg split am/pm
5-8 HCGenerate 7 caps
1-12 N2Guard 4 caps
1-12 Tudca 1 Gram/day
1-12 NAC Not sure on how much

9-12 Clomid 50/50/25/25
9-12 Nolva 40/40/20/20
9-12 Aromasin 15mg EOD
9-12 Ostarine 25mg ED
9-12 Test Stack 17

1-12 Creatine
1-12 BCAAs
1-12 MSM powder
1-12 ZMA

3. Minimize bf, possibly lose some

I already know, I'm fat compared to most of everyone around here's standards. I'm not a competitive bodybuilder, it's just my hobby and something I enjoy very much. I have been natural my entire life besides your standard creatine, BCAAs and such. My ultimate goal for this cycle is strength and more strength. With that will also obviously come more size. The key to this cycle being successful will be me getting much stronger and bigger with keeping body fat completely at bay. Following this cycle I will be going on a nice cut followed by a long recomp. For this cycle I will be eating 4500-5000 calories a day and training 4 days a week. I should also add, my workout partner will be running Ostarine along side of me.

I think I got everything, if there is any questions just ask; hopefully, this will be a good ride. Today was my off day from the gym but I started the LGD/S4/N2Guard; I started the GW 2 weeks ago.
That is an insane cycle. Sarms will work awesomely with the oxandrovar but I don't really see a need for additional trenavar since it's already in oxandrovar.
That is an insane cycle. Sarms will work awesomely with the oxandrovar but I don't really see a need for additional trenavar since it's already in oxandrovar.

Yea, I know. I want to hit 90-120mg on the Trenavar though and I would have to take way too much Ox for that.
Following along big dog.. that stack is deep as hell bro. Should be a fun one. The sarms and ox together are going to give you some wicked strength gains

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Following along big dog.. that stack is deep as hell ibro. Should be a fun one. The sarms and ox together are going to give you some wicked strength gains

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I hope, I've been looking forward to running this for a couple months now. You're log is what sold me on the Ox.

Nothing new to report, other than I woke up this morning with a splitting migraine. I don't think it's from the sarms though, I think it's time for a new pillow. Working 13 hours today, then I'll hit the gym for some deads, front and rear delts, and some bicep and triceps. I'll report how that goes but nothing crazy expected, except for a normal workout.
Day 2
As I stated in my previous post, I woke up this morning with a migraine, it was terrible. It hurt most of the day at work and I eventually had to succumb to some Aleve. I was also very tired all day, which I usually am. It was on my mind all day that I was going to have a terrible workout. That all changed when I got to the gym tonight, I had a good workout. I felt really good the entire time and I had a major full body pump going on. Can't really say that I attribute that to the sarms, as I just changed up my workout starting this week. I usually change up my workout every 6 weeks. Tonight was the first night that I can say I believe I felt the endurance from GW, I was burning through my sets.
Workout went as follows:
Deadlifts- 275/8 365/5 405/3 420/3 435/2 315/10
Seated rear delts machine- 30/20 30/20 35/20 35/20 40/20 (this is where I really felt my endurance kick in, 20 reps usually burns really bad, I barely felt it tonight)
Standing dumbell strict military press- 70/5 70/5 70/5 60/8 60/7 (Pretty disappointed in this, been doing standing barbell and these caught me off guard.)
Barbell curls- 95/10 105/8 110/6 115/7
Dumbell tricep kickbacks- 35/12 35/12 35/12 35/12 (Really squeezed them at the peak.)
Then I did some rotator cuff work, external and internal cable rotations.

Overall had a great pump, I think it was more attributed to the change of workout but if it's from the samrs already, this is going to be awesome.
Thanks, I'm ready. I've lost sleep over waiting for the time to come to run this, lol.
I know how that is..

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I keep hearing mixed stuff about Oxandrovar. Some say its good, others say its old stuff mixed together, idk what to believe.

On a side note, if its a blend, why the need for all the other stuff? What pct is necessary?
I keep hearing mixed stuff about Oxandrovar. Some say its good, others say its old stuff mixed together, idk what to believe.

On a side note, if its a blend, why the need for all the other stuff? What pct is necessary?

Everything I have heard in regards to Oxandrovar has been stellar but everything I have heard has been from sponsors. Either way, from my research the compounds in it are great. Believe me I will be giving it an honest unbiased review.

The other things I'm running are sarms and they stack great with everything. I'm going to run Trenavar with the OX because I want to take 90-120mgs of Trenavar and Oxandrovar is only dosed at 20mg of Trenavar per cap. I would have to take way too many caps of the Ox to hit that amount.

I would say that my pct is the best pct to run with this stack, I would imagine I'm going to be shut down pretty hard. Since this is my first time every really messing with my HPTA I want to make sure I have every base covered, so I made sure I put as much into my pct as the cycle itself.
Day 4

Well, today was day 4. I worked 11 hours and then went to the gym after work. All day at work today I felt like a baddass, my muscles were full, hard and tight. At the gym tonight there was no noticeable strength gains but I had a gigantic full body pump. I felt like I had a pump all day at work today but nothing like I felt while I was working out. This could also be do to the change up from my workout or it could be the sarms not sure but I know I enjoyed it.

My workout went as follows:

Barbell Rows- 135/12 155/10 175/8 195/6 205/5 205/5

Barbell Shrugs- 275/10 315/8 315/8 315/8

Standing dumbell reverse flies- 55/8 55/8 55/8 55/8

Dumbell lat pulls- 125/6 125/6 120/6 120/6

Seated hammer curls- 55/8 55/8 55/7 55/8

Seated cable pulleys- 160/10 170/8 170/8 170/8

Neutral grip assisted pull-ups 3 sets to failure (Pull-ups are a big weakness for me due to my heavy body weight and long arms. These probably won't get better until I cut weight.)

All in all it was a good workout felt great from start to finish. I weighed myself this morning for no real reason other than just curious and I weighed in at 278. I have been gaining weight steadily and fast for a while now. I know 22 more pounds is a lot but if I get to 300 quicker than I anticipated then I will be modifying my diet and descending in calories towards maintenance for the last few weeks of the cycle and try to clean my gains up.
Day 5

I got another 10 hour day in at work today and once again all day I felt extremely hard and had a pump all day. My pump and the hardness I have been experiencing was definitely more pronounced today. At this point, I feel that the sarms are kicking in and they are responsible for the hardness and pump. Today I struggled getting all my food down. It is becoming harder and harder to eat this much food and I'm to a point where I am not looking forward to any meal at all. Tonight was chest night, which is, my weakest body part. I have struggled with my chest strength for my entire life and it's the motivating factor for strength on this cycle. Also, I felt nauseous during my workout.

Workout went as follows:

Flat bench- 135/30 220/6 225/5 230/4 230/4 225/4 straight to 185/5

Dumbell incline bench- 70/10 80/8 85/5 80/5

Close grip bench- 155/8 165/6 165/4 155/5 135/7

Single arm dumbell lateral raises- 45/8 45/10 45/10 45/10 (superset w/rope push downs)

Tricep rope push downs 160/10 160/8 150/10 (superset w/lateral raises)

Assisted dips- 3 sets to failure

I really want to break 300 on the flat bench, probably too much to ask for on this cycle but one can only hope.
Day 6

I'll update even though I don't think anyone is even reading any of this, lol. Today was a lazy day, I am off from work on Fridays. I didn't do much but hang out with my son all day and lay around on the couch. Then came the dreaded hour to hit the gym for legs! I felt nauseous midway through my workout but I usually do on leg day. I changed up my leg workout a little this week and added in some front squats and I really suck at them.

Workout went as follows:

Squats- 135/12 170/20 175/20 180/20 (ATG)

Front squats- 135/8 135/8 135/8 (I will have to work on these)

Standing calf raises- 120/75

Leg press- 180/12 360/8 450/8

Dimmel dead lifts- 155/12 155/15 155/15 155/12

Single leg hamstring curls- 80/8 80/8 80/8 80/8

I didn't really feel any difference today from the sarms. I'm ready to see what the second week brings. I can't wait to start the Ox next Sunday. I'm off from the gym Saturday and Sunday. I probably won't report back until after the gym Monday night, unless someone responds on here or has any questions.
Day 8

I had a pretty rough day at work today, I worked another 13 hours and only got about 4.5 hours of sleep last night. I was actually dreading going to the gym most of the day. I kept thinking to myself, there is no chance in hell I'm going to get a good workout in tonight with the way I feel. Today I was feeling rather flat, like I wasn't feeling any thing from the sarms, not like I was during the first week. I guess I was wrong about that and I must have just gotten use to the 24/7 pump that I have had for the past week because my workout went really well tonight. I definitely made gains from last week.

Workout went as follows:

Deadlift- 275/8 365/5 405/6 430/4 450/3 315/10

Seated rear delt machine- 40/20 40/20 45/20 45/20 50/20

Standing dumbell strict military press- 70/6 70/5 70/5 70/6 70/4 (These were still difficult, just like last week; however, I made gains with them.)

Barbell curls- 115/8 115/8 115/6 120/6

Dumbell tricep kickbacks- 40/12 40/12 40/12 40/12

Then I ended the workout with some rotator cuff work.

On a side note, I think my lifts are actually 10 more pounds then what I keep listing; I believe the bars I use are 55 pounds. I'm not 100% on this; so, to be on the conservative side, I count them as 45 pounds. Hopefully, my workouts the rest of the week went like they did today.
Damn bro following this, thanks for logging the PH's there are a couple good logs right now but yours is looking awesome and talk about some nice lifts! I know what it feels like to have to pull a 13-14 hour work day. Just try your best to get at least 5-6 hours a sleep.
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