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should women also use n2guard?


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my girlfriend is insistent on running some oral primo and maybe some winstrol/anavar and was wondering if n2guard was also a safe and wise choice for females. she is also on some gh. anabolics are very new to her but she has experience using other liver supplements like milk thistle and d-liver etc.
There's nothing in N2GUARD that s gender specific, so, yeah, she can use it and should use it , especially of she's doing a cycle -- even a light one.
Any time you use Steroids be it oral or injectable you are putting a staring on your organs and you should use N2Guard with every cycle. Maybe with injections you can get away with doing less like 4-5 capsules per day, but if you are running orals you really want to do the full 7 capsules per day.

That's is the link to purchase.
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