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Approved Log Silverbacklabs winter blast cycle Log

A+++ job. we can see the mass
Keep grinding bro!
Nice update
You’re not far from abs now
Quick update gents,I have been away in country for work.slight disruption to training and cycle.back home,back into it tomorrow.will post follow up.cheers legends.
If I woke up one day and say you standing over me like that if fucken shit my self
No, you would think an angel has been sent from the gods,I would read you a fairy tale to go back to sleep.
Good evening gents, ladies.back into training after a work spell away and a break from being sick with influenza.
Current cycle ,
750 equipoise
500 test E
400 deca
50mg Anadrol.
Chest session,
incline bench press
Warm up= 2 × sets of 20 reps @ 70lbs
Working sets,
4 × sets of 10 -12 reps @ 180lbs
Incline dumbbell press,
4 × sets of 10 reps @ 44lbs
(Focusing on slow,controlled eccentric and concentric presses)minimal rest between sets.maybee 30 seconds.
3 × sets of dips for 8 reps
3 × sets of diamonds incline for 15 reps.
That's all just warming back into training,felt great with Silverbacklabs oils and strong with Anadrol.
Feeling the good sore today,being next day so I'm happy overall.cheers legends.
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