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Smaller Waist


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Is there any way to get a smaller waist? I have a big waist around 34-36 but looking to get a smaller waist.
bro depends on your can try to drop bodyfat and get a lot leaner...most effective way
Unfortunately you can't change your bone structure. If you have naturally broad hips, you can't change that. The only thing you could do is make your shoulders, back and thighs larger to create a larger X frame and make your waist appear smaller.

The best thing you can do to decrease waist size is to wear a weight belt when doing big compounds lifts such as squats, deadlifts, over heard barbell press etc. and decrease overall body fat. Men especially generally store fat around their midsections.
Inner abdominal exercises. Look up elliot hulse/strength camp. He has plenty of videos on this. And yes some people genetically have wider waists (Jay cutler, ronnie coleman, etc) but that doesnt mean you still cant have abs and a flat stomach.

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Unfortunatelly, it is almost impossible to lose fat only in one particular bodypart, so you will need to loose overall bodyfat in order to reduce your waist. Also, as @muskate suggested, increasing your back and shoulders size will make your waist look smaller, so it is also a viable option.
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