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Smallest needle that can pass carrier oils


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technically you can use a tiny needle but it's going to take you forever to draw
and it's going to take you forever to pin through a tiny needle so might as well just use a bigger one
My testosterone enanthate comes with sesame oil. There is a chance I may buy T enanthate with grape seed oil in the future.

So what is the smallest needle size (gauge) that can pass such oils?

27G is the recommended, but it looks very think, and I'm afraid if muscle damage and fibrosis.

Take a look at these:

Various types of needles:

A syringe with a needle:

Just a syringe:

So what do you think about these insulin needles and syringes? Will they be good for testosterone enanthate injections? If not recommend me a needle size and a syringe type.
bro 27g is nothing
I draw with a 20g and currently inject with a 25g without issues. I had 22g to draw before and would stick to that since it allows fewer bubbles into the vial.
That’s what I do also
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