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Trying to get a hold of you for price list and ordering. Sent multiple emails and made a proton mail account and sent another email. Are you receiving them?
Hi Nordic Fusion. Tried emailing you a couple times this week but no response. Are you getting my emails?

Would like to place a first order with you guys 😊
Quick update guys - We've added a super solid SARM stack to our product line.

QUADSTACK – 15MG MK6-77 / 15MG ANABOLICUM / 25MG ANDARINE. 55mg total.

Of course everyone has their own opinion on SARMS, but we feel something like this really can be a useful addition on-top of a cycle without having to introduce an oral.

Thanks everyone!
Hey Evo - There are a few of you that placed an order set to go out between the 25-26th that didn't end up making its way until the 28th, as our main mail guy was away for a couple of days. I just wanted to set it in stone here again that I will be throwing in a free vial in an upcoming order for the couple days of delay here (in-case there was anyone I missed via e-mail). Thanks everyone!
Hii nordic fusion team, i tried mailing you 2 times on proton-mail from my proton account. I dont know if the mail went through, can you please check and reply if possible.

*UPDATE* Due to the insane recent demand from you guys coming into the summer, it is looking like we are not going to be able to immediately take on everyone who reaches out as a client. With that being said, we still highly encourage you to reach out to us as we do still have some availability. If that doesn't last - which it probably won't - we will take you on as soon as we can. Shoot us an email! Don't miss the boat y'all.
Hey everyone,

Really trying to dig into top quality Canadian sources as we are super new and wanting to feel comfortable about what we put into our bodies. Hard to find any negative feedback about Nordic so thinking we should probably give them a shot. Thanks for everyone’s feedback and for the community.
Hey! Are you still accepting new customers?

Wanted to connect via email, no reply. I’m sure you guys are swamped; I just wanted to get a sense of timing.
I’m just following up on an order I put in back on Sept 16. To date, I still haven’t received a tracking number. Can you please look into it? Thank you
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