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Stacking dbol and winstrol with deca and test


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15 week cycle of test and deca..into week 8..Can i stack both winstrol and dbol together for the last 6 dbol-20mg and winstrol-40mg?

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I know what your trying to do SO you should try Tbol & Winni (not what your thinking about doing)

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if you were running an oral only cycle combining something wet and dry actually makes sense

but since you are already running a wet injectable cycle stick with 1 wet compound to finish. why add more water retention and estrogen problems?
You could but adding winstrol into a test/deca cycle doesn't make much sense.

Test and deca are two very wet compounds. Test/deca is your classic bulking cycle.

Winstrol is a pre-contest cutting oral steroid. It's great for drying out and hardening physiques. It does such a good job at drying out physiques that a lot of people experience really dry and achey joint when using it - not when you want when bulking and are trying to lift heavy and put on size.

Stacking the dbol with tbol or anavar would make much more sense. Why not do 20mg dbol 40mg anavar?
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