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Start your own online AAS store with zero introductory cost!

MPay Rep


Musclepay is an official new sponsor at Evolutionary Forums! We are very excited to get the word out about our new company, Musclepay.

Musclepay is ready to offer you 1 of 2 options to start making you money today! This conceptually very brand new; it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to break into the AAS business with little starting cash!

Building an online store costs money. What if you could skip over all of the mess and woes of developing a new company? Places like Amazon and eBay allow you to start your own store within their network, giving you an established outlet to push products and to the correct demographics. This option has never existed until now.

Musclepay will give you all of the tools needed to own and operate your own AAS store! Musclepay can help you open your own online store, fill it with content, products, images, descriptions, etc. Musclepay will also manage shipment, payment processing, and your customer service!

Dropship-only Plan

This plan mirrors what you see above with the exception to the store creation tool. Already have a store? No worries – add our products to your store, make the sale, and we’ll ship it out for you!
And how exactly will you make your money? This is commission-based. For both, the commissions start at 40% with the option for more. You have the option to increase your prices; you keep the extra!

For more details, check us out at

Musclepay is the only legitimate way to have your own pharma, low start up cost for sure.
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