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STEELGEAR.NET Steroid Source Reviews

4 out of 5 rating for STEELGEAR.NET Steroid Source Reviews

I got an Order from them last August 2013.

I ordered a whole bunch of things.

Trenbolone E - Cut Stack - Test C

3 different co's - Gen-shi - Opiox - Roid +
Communication & Ordering process: Very Smooth - They're on the Ball, beginning to end, even asked for Comments after the Package arrived - Sent a form to fill out
Delivery & Packaging: Packaging was the best I've ever seen - Delivery was about 10 days after receipt of Money, but, came a long way - that'a why the 4 stars, and not 5
Products Ordered: Tren E (Roid +) - Cut Stack (Opiox) -Test C (Gen-shi)
Product results and effectivenes: All 3 were Top of the Line - Steelgear is an Authorized Reseller for all 3 - I verified it with the Manufacturer of each Company
4 out of 5 rating for STEELGEAR.NET Steroid Source Reviews

Ordered some pharma T3 and Proviron. Prices are good, and they have a great selection of products, lots of pharma grade. Shipping was a bit lengthy but overall a great source.
Communication & Ordering process: Easy to order, good communication
Delivery & Packaging: Very discreet
Products Ordered: Proviron, T3
Product results and effectivenes: Amazing, don't expect anything less from pharma grade
1 out of 5 rating for STEELGEAR.NET Steroid Source Reviews is a crook !! NEVER deal with him. All the good reviews he wrote himself. I ordered 20x10iu Jintropin and he sends only 2x10iu Genshi NOT what I ordered and he refuses to answer my emails and contact complaints. He may do you right the first time so you gain trust and next time you place a higher dollar order and he STEALS from you. That is what happen to me !! He is one a-hole !
Communication & Ordering process: DOES NOT ANSWER - gives fake phone number 123456789
Delivery & Packaging: got really cheated
Products Ordered: jintropin but did not get it
Product results and effectivenes: first time probably ok 2nd time NEVEr GOT IT
1 out of 5 rating for STEELGEAR.NET Steroid Source Reviews

Just lost $350, they already got my money, no product, no reply, no communication at all,
Communication & Ordering process: I sent the money, they didn't give a track number, didn't return messages or reply emails, has been almost 2 months.
Delivery & Packaging: No delivery
1 out of 5 rating for STEELGEAR.NET Steroid Source Reviews

Reaponse time to any email is multiple weeks, placed order the picked up $ from moneygram and sent them the info 2 weeks after emailing them I received a email saying we are processing your order then a 3 weeks of processing they ship it 2 weeks later i get my package with the wrong brand of deca i ordered and 1 vial short I email them with photos and order number explaining everything 2 weeks later still no not waste your time or money
Communication & Ordering process: Slow
Delivery & Packaging: Good
Products Ordered: Wrong
Product results and effectivenes: Product works if i did receive what I orderd
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