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Steroid laws

Just think... Since steroids were banned years ago, wouldn't it be great if all the "Juice Heads"(No slander intended)marched on Washington and demanded a forum on some national voice saying that steroids does more good to the human body than any drug made by man while other drugs made by man have taken so many lives! I guess we'll all be arrested, tested for drug use, photographed, fingerprinted, jailed somewhere because there would be so many of use or put some of our steroids dollars together to find a few good senators that will lobby to re-state steroids as a safe and viable drug. It's these uneducated young kids would stop fucking things ups! Since these kids love to use the WEB like some neighborhood whore, it is really the only way to reach them. Maybe even music. As long as I have online access, or anyplace else, I'll continue to order and fuck the US! All of these new "New Stack" products are nothing but vitamins and minerals.
Back in the '70's, kids was fucking shit up also for "true believers" and they would laugh and joke about it. I can only say that something is mentally wrong with the people in power in the US! Deranged.
Some people may say that America is the greatest nation on earth, but trying to feminize the America Male is very wrong; taking away "HIS" power? I remember during boot camp, feeling very weak. I wrote home to my folks and told them to send me a "Care Package" a month. The other D.I.' s wouldn't allow, but the Senior D.I. would slip my package in my foot locker at night when they would arrive. The food was terrible! I was a happy camper. We need senators, attorneys, lobbyists, and even ourselves to stop this bullshit or end up a race of girlie-men.

So if I can summarize; guys who don't use steroids are 'girlie men'?

PS thank you for your service
Underground baby.. Doesnt need to be legal.
potheads are more motivated then steroid users, they got pot legalized in 3+ states already and counting

but the difference is we don't NEED steroids 'legalized' ... as long as you use it responsibly and in the privacy of your home then no one cares. so making it legal is not important

also do people realize what would happen if it was legalized? ever UGL would go out of business cause it would be regulated. that would mean pharma companies would take over and prices would go sky high and good luck finding AAS like primo at a price you can afford.. it would cost like 5K per cycle.

you have sites like this where you can easily find a legit UGL source so why even have threads like this bitching about 'legality'?

so in reality I don't want steroids legalized.. keep it underground.. get a script for what you can and then use your UGL for the rest. LE isn't going to kick down your door for having a cycle or two in your possession you are using for personal use.. they have bigger fish to fry

^^^^Since theres nobody dying from roids, no one cares about personal use.


Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990
Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 2004

Thats why steroids will remain good and illegal for a loooooong time. Remember how long it took MJ to start to get accepted by the public at large and how long has MJ been illegal? Since the 1930s or some damn shit.
Congress doesnt enact TWO separate major drug control acts just in the past quarter century alone with the intentions of doing an about face and just making it legal.

None of it has anything to do with public health and has everything to do with the "cheaters are bad" philosophy of America and politicians. Problem is we are all such massive hypocrites we want the results in athletics that illegal drugs provide but we dont want anyone taking those drugs.

No lobby + two federal drug control acts + public stigma= ILLEGAL for a long time

So just get used to it.
Honestly, I think it mostly has to do with Money. the Government makes money off regulating drugs (yes drugs like cocaine, heroine, etc. the "Crime" business makes the govt. money by prosecuting criminals) and alcohol, and making it illegal gives them an excuse to punish those who try to do it themselves. Steroids being illegal has nothing to do with public health/concern - this should be a no brainer the govt. doesn't give 2 craps about you - it's all about Money/Power/Control.
Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits. Fanatics will never learn that,though it be written in letters of gold across the sky. It is the prohibition that makes anything precious. - Mark Twain

It's because they work.
It should be now ones business what I put in my body. That's actually what the pot smokers believed before getting organized with lawyers who took a different approach. Lawyers new the had to when over the old people who actually voted. So that's how you got the pharmaceutical edge to it. The second the older voters realized the could benefit from it. Well you see what happened. As for steroid users we have a long ways to go. Witch is fine with me. They are easy enough to get.
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