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Steroids are NOT for everyone! A new video by Dylan Gemelli

g2g video big dylan
you too negative on roids man
[FONT=&quot]How, please explain the parts of the video where he was negative because I just watched it and he was discussing that some people have conditions and family histories and other types of medical problems so they were not for everyone. How is that being negative? Protecting people is negative now? [/FONT]
Thanks Finn, I appreciate it... For anyone that made a comment I was being negative or hating on steroids, then you didnt watch the video and you should not make comments with pure ignorance.. Don't make comments like that if you are not even going to watch it..

I tell people that they need to bloodwork, check family conditions, make sure their health is right etc. before using them.. Some people have underlying conditions, some are in bad shape, etc... That was the point of the video... Its pretty fucked up that people have zero care about any of that and just want to tell people to do and use anything no matter what.. thats some pretty foul shit thats pretty disgusting to say the least

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bros steroids for all

do you have any idea how careless and just fkng stupid you sound saying that??
Steroids are definitely for everyone! Honestly, most regular gym guys do not need near the amount of gear or cycles that they run. Most really don't need steroids at all because their diet and training needs so much work.
I support the message Dylan, and I also agree brother, hitting on the point you made about bad shape, I remember when I was almost 250lbs and started trt years ago my blood work was all kinds of fucked up, clinic had me on all kinds of nonsense that I didn't need, I remember feeling so bad for a while till I learned from my mistakes and how to properly go about it, now that I'm down close to 200lbs markers all look very good compared to back then.
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