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The guy at steroids-usa, not sure if its the owner or their rep is a real fool
I posted an honest review on their website saying how average their gear was. That is all i said
And he goes and starts attacking me Calling me names and accusing me of lying. why would I lie about something like that I have no vested interest in doing such a thing?
it is very important to utilize the review sections on the forums along with user feedback threads, progress pictures and more to help ensure you make the best decision... my best experiences have always come with !
bros not good they scamming i bet = not good quality no good had like a bunch of buys complain you not the first one
they have a lot of problems with their brand is NOT g2g
if you use Steroids-usa you will get fake gear I saw a lot of fakes from them, always fakes all over the place, no trust at all with this source is a lot of fraud and lies
the gear they sell isnt even approved by the brands they claim to represent
[FONT=&quot]I would be extremely careful with sources that are not well known or reviewed. You can alleviate all concerns by using TRUSTED sources and there are none more trusted than !![/FONT]
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