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Steroids vs. vacation

Better get the most out of steroids while you can. Sounds like you'll be paying child support and alimony pretty soon.

You'll be paying for your wife and kids to go on vacation with the pool boy
I had a choice this year
Either family winter vacation to Florida or buying myself some steroids. The kids were upset cause they wanted to go to the beach but i decided to splurge a little on myself this year. They will get over it cause they know daddy only has so much money to my budget.
My wife also is very pissed off and won’t even have sex with me lol. I’m pretty sure she will get over it too, i told her if she had a problem with it she should get off her fat ass and go get a job instead of me doing all the work. After i said that she started to cry but i think i made my points
Now on that note what are the best steroids to use for someone like me who likes to penny pinch. Looking online seems like dbol is very cheap. I wonder if you can just buy like $80 worth and cycle that or do i need to use something else with it?

Speaking from exp FAMILY first and spending quality time is priceless.
What exactly AAS willing to provide you in return in the long run wasting your own Money, AAS must be utilized consistently with additional other AAS to achieve your goals, not sure WHY Dbol was your choice in the first place because of your Budget??
I suggest investigating into injection Testosterone E or CYP 10ml vial low dose for better results,
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