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Approved Log Strongman - Testosterone, Masteron, Deca, Anadrol - Cycle Log

Welcome aboard man. Love seeing the strength training.
Stone and bench (I'm thinking of aiming for 220kg by the end of 2024) look great.

When I trained with strongman competitors (inc WSM athlete Laurence Shahlaei as well as a bunch of 105kg/231lbs athletes) at my gym (some old vids on YouTube) in Gloucester we saw a 4 day program which looked like this:

Sun: off.
Mon and Tue: compounds inc squat, press, deadlift etc (no bench unless it was the off season).
Wed: off (rehab at best)
Thur: weak events and accessories
Friday: off (rehab etc)
Sat: events only - typically 4. We'd usually throw in some sort of beasting at the end (to failure)

While I never competed in strongman as such I could do a 120kg/264lbs stone to a 48-inch platform. I was, kinda obvs, decent at Farmers Holds for time etc
Thanks for that info. I competed against Laurence at last year's Official Strongman Games unfortunately the both of us got injuried.
very nice deadlifting picture
makes me want to smash it later today
My deadlifts are still one of my weaker lifts and is a huge focus for me so I can be more competitive. Here us a 320kg lift last year during comp prep.
@Zinny you're smashing it for sure I see it, 320kg last year? how about this year what you doing
There is nothing more fun than lifting heavy stuff. I don’t see how bodybuilders can do volume training month after month. I would get so bored. It’s nice to have goals with heavy weights.
I like to go 340kg to 350kg by end of this year.
@Zinny its possible you have to keep pushing it and getting protein HIGH up
NEVER GIVE UP remember we are your support team
Wanted to share my blood work for beginning of month. Very happy with test level since I switch to AGP brand 500ml test e a week. So I high I have to take 1/2 tab of arimidex to stop to converting. Also very happy with my igf levels.


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I like to do both myself as long as you're having fun
if you can hit 350 kilograms you'll be my hero
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