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Approved Log Summer cycle log

we love you 70s child! you are a true gritty warrior
Light but intense routine to follow,just mixing it up.back to barbell squats next leg day.
I do the same things sometimes it is good mixing it up and experimenting for growth
great update
Quick update,been terribly busy with family affairs.

Current cycle and supps.

Premium supps warrior pre workout /40mg keifei(body enhancements)winstrol daily.

6iu sassys gh blue tops(EOD)

500mg sustanon

600mg Genesis labs masteron E

200mg ugloz deca

200mg tren E

Trained/incline bench,15° incl.

Barbell chest.warm up for 30 reps @ 50lbs/pause add plates,20 reps @ 70 lbs.

Working sets,b/bell incl.bench press, minimal rest between sets,time to change plates only.

2 × sets of 12 reps @ 88lbs

2 × sets of 10 reps @ 150lbs

1 × set of 8 reps @ 190lbs

1 × set of 6 reps @ 212lbs

1 × set of 4 reps @ 212lbs

1 × set till failure @ 150lbs

1 × set till failure @ 88lbs.

That's all folks,premium supps warrior pre workout always an effective pre workout supplement,loving the genesis mast e and BE winstrol really helping dry out and progress the cut phase atm.
It's really quite mild,on the doses and the GH.just over gram n half of gear.the deca is only there for joint relief.could take it or leave it soon enough.but yes I feel absolutely fantastic brother.
I’m only taking 300 mast test and NPP and I feel amazing. My wife would be worn out if I took more test and mast. 😂
great update on this my man
I know life can get busy but keep grinding
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