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Approved Log Supertired health and recovery log - female

American gyms all usually have saunas as well included in memberships
yes we are spoiled in the western world
my gym has both a regular sauna and an infrared sauna for both genders
Hello everyone! Back at it again with my 4th log

As you all know I've been on a heck of a journey physically, mentally and spiritually this year - this log aims to track the progress of all of those things.
I'll mention anything in this log that feels relevant to where I'm at in terms of mental health, spiritual habits and progress, as well as of course diet and training.

My diet will not be calorically tracked for some or all of this log - I'll be focusing on eating foods that make me feel good and function well. My training will most likely bounce between 5-6 days per week as per usual, with lots of walking. I will provide regular full-body physique updates first thing in the morning, no pump. Then of course pump pics to show off my muscles 😎

Little run-down of what has been working for me so far:
- wake up between 4am-5am
- 30 mins reading scripture and prayer first thing after waking up
- 20-30 min walk in the morning
- small breakfast pre-training
- training
- sometimes 15 mins in sauna with meditation, I'll listen to worship music in there too
- lunch and dinner either chicken or kangaroo, veg and rice
- if I'm not too tired I'll do more reading, otherwise I'll skip that and just pray
- bed between 8pm-9pm

Re-cap of training split:

Mon - glute/hamstring/calves
Tue - chest/delt/bis
Wed - glute/quad/calves
Thu - back/delt/tris
Fri - glute/hamstring/calves
Sat - active rest OR chest and delts or back and delts if i'm bored, optional
Sun - active rest

Re-cap of measurements: a few months ago vs now

Previous measurements:
Height: 163cm/5"4
Waist: 68cm
Bust: 92cm
Glutes: 96cm
Thigh: 53cm
Upper arm: 31cm

Current measurements:
Height: 163cm/5"4
Waist: 68cm/26.8" (same)
Bust: 92cm/36.2" (same)
Glutes: 99cm/39" (+3cm/1.2")
Thigh: 54cm/21.2" (+1cm/0.4")
Upper arm: 32cm/12.6" (+1cm/0.4")
Calf: 37cm/14.5"

Hope you guys like my beach and animal pics, because there are going to be a lot of those on this log!
great update you are all over this Log
sister nice dog. i got 8 dogs on the ranch and 20+ cats
gonna get a pet kangaroo next, they cool should no be eaten
watch out, if i'm ever in the U.S and in need of a good protein source i might just snatch your joey and eat him for dinner
sister They have dogs for anxiety to have you looked into that
like therapy dogs
nah i don't need one, i already have an anxiety cat (she just meows constantly and begs for food, she gives me anxiety)
American gyms all usually have saunas as well included in memberships
yes we are spoiled in the western world
my gym has both a regular sauna and an infrared sauna for both genders
if i could use a female only sauna i would. i've had some weird things said to me lol. "did you wash your hair this morning? you smell really good..." 🤮


- scrambled eggs on toast
- Kangaroo, veg and rice
- protein bar
- chicken, veg and rice
- Coffee (with milk) and apple

- 5g creatine
- Ginger sea moss

- n/a


- 60 mins walking

Mental health and spiritual

- first up good news - i was baptised today!!
- now bad news - i fell asleep 12am after trying for 2 hrs to get to sleep. Kept waking up from nausea on and off until 3:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. 3.5 hrs sleep last night and about the same the night before. I am so tired. Anxiety has been so bad, crippling. I thought i might not even be able to go to church/get baptised today because i was freaking out about leaving the house :/


- n/a

let me know what you reckon
mon glute/ham/calf
tue chest/tris/delts
wed glute/quad/calf
thu back/bis/forearms
fri glute/ham calf
That looks good. And rest on weekends.
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